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SOFTlab Unveils Colorful Spectral Grove Installation In Philadelphia

Spectral Grove Installation,Philadelphia, USA / SOFTlab

Alan Tansey

SOFTlab has unveiled Spectral Grove, a permanent outdoor public installation of cascading, latticed ribbons of colored aluminum and steel at the entrance of Pivot Park in West Philadelphia. Through Spectral Grove, SOFTlab aims to recreate the connection between 37th Street, a pedestrian thoroughfare, and busy Market Street by emphasizing the new park situated at their meeting point. The sculpture simultaneously marks the park’s entrance and invites visitors inside with a grove of archways, woven together from intersecting bands of powder-coated aluminum in 28 colors.

 Spectral Grove Installation,Philadelphia, USA / SOFTlab

The installation emphasizes the overlap of function, structure, and the various communities the park and large development will serve and was inspired in part by Leonhard Euler, an 18th-century mathematician who pioneered graphic diagrams used to illustrate relationships and commonalities between different groups. Each of Spectral Grove’s six columns is made from a gradient of two similar colors, so that their palettes appear to shift as visitors move around and through them.

 Spectral Grove Installation,Philadelphia, USA / SOFTlab

While these gradients give each column a unique identity, their fins intersect in the arches above, producing a cohesive woven canopy of open coffers rendered in different shapes and myriad color combinations. The honeycomb of metalwork simultaneously reveals glimpses of the sky above and interacts with the sun’s movements throughout the day. As light passes through at different angles, various tones are highlighted and its woven pattern is traced in shape-shifting shadows on the ground below. While appearing idiosyncratic, the canopy’s latticing also gives the piece its structural strength, affording essential stiffness and tying each of the columns together.

 Spectral Grove Installation,Philadelphia, USA / SOFTlab Spectral Grove Installation,Philadelphia, USA / SOFTlab Spectral Grove Installation,Philadelphia, USA / SOFTlab