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Spring Dinnerware Trends

Spring Dinnerware Trends

With spring fast approaching, there’s no better way to welcome the warmer weather and longer days than by investing in some new dinnerware. With top dinnerware brands like Corelle always staying on top of the latest trends, there’s always plenty of different styles and patterns to choose from to suit your personal taste. Taking inspiration from spring itself and the latest trends in fashion and interior design, here are some of the key trends for spring 2019 that you’ll likely see popping up in retailers, and could be making their way to your own dining room table too.  


No doubt influenced by Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, peach is set to be a big trend for dinnerware in spring. Far more adaptable and subtle than a vibrant coral shade, peach hues embody spring with their fresh look. Reminiscent of freshly bloomed cherry blossoms, the versatility of what is defined as “peach” will see it covering tableware sets ranging from orange through to blush pink in color, and everything in between.

Pastels, like florals, are always a strong contender when it comes to the spring interior design trends that influence dinnerware so it comes as no surprise that peach will be en vogue for dinnerware this spring.    

Warm Whites

Moving away from the harsh bright white that is all too reminiscent of the still-lingering snow, warm whites, cream, and ivory will be the main backdrop for many of the other color and pattern trends in dinnerware this spring.

As the snow melts away and our days become brighter and warmer, we’ll be leaving cool-toned white plates in the cupboard, moving away from undertones like violet, grey and blue, all of which create a breezy look. 

Instead, your tabletop will be warmed up by dishes in more comforting shades with yellow or orange undertones like almond white or almond cream, and vanilla.  

 Spring Dinnerware Trends

‘70s Style 

The ‘70s revival that we saw in 2018 clothing, food, and design trends isn’t set to wane anytime soon and carries into dinnerware trends for spring 2019. Once again taking note from what many views as the defining voice on color trends and predictions for any given year, the enduring popularity of the ‘70s color palette in dinnerware has everything to do with Pantone’s 2019 home & interiors palette, appropriately named Cravings. 

Released last year, the 2019 trend palette features many of the colors we associated with ‘70s dinner sets and interiors, including spicy reds, turmeric, mustard yellow, and warm brown. Described as “[tempting] the eye as well as the tastebuds”, this throwback to a bygone era is the perfect way to spruce up your dinnerware this spring and warm up your dining room to match the warming weather outside.

Geometric and Tribal Patterns

Brightening up your dining room this spring will be easier than ever before thanks to the rising popularity of geometric patterns and tribal prints for dinnerware. To keep things modern and fresh, stick to bold patterns or bright colors, but try and avoid mixing the two as this can often be an overpowering look for dinnerware. 

Unless you’re embracing the ‘70s trend, fresh greens and primary colors are a perfect match for geometric and tribal patterns. If you’re already dreaming of faraway places and warm weather, then Santorini inspired hues of blue will be sure to make you smile every time you reach for your dinnerware. 

However, you choose to update your dinnerware sets, don’t be too constricted by the latest spring trends and use them as an overall guide. For a bold take on any of these new trends, mix and match them together for a fresh look. And remember, investing in a high-quality brand will ensure that your beautiful new plates and dishes last you for years to come, rather than chipping or breaking before the season is even over.