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Starlight Room Dolomites 

Giacomo Pompanin

At an altitude of 2,055m in the beautiful landscape of Dolomite mountains, a bedroom was installed to offer a unique experience in this striking UNESCO World Heritage site. With only glass walls to separate your warm bed from the snow of the Pale Mountains you can admire the nocturnal spectacle of the Dolomite sky from front row seats.

This latest sensory thrill in Cortina d’Ampezzo is the creation of Raniero Campigotto, manager of the  Rifugio Col Gallina, who turned the Starlight Room Dolomites from dream to reality.


Located in Col Gallina, only a few kilometers from the centre of Cortina, the Starlight Room offers a unique opportunity to experience the night sky far away from any source of light pollution. At sunset the famous ‘enrosadira’ sets the Dolomites ablaze with fiery shades of red.  During night time the multitude of stars across the sky appear so close you can almost reach out and touch them. And finally at dawn, see the Dolomites blushing pink as they are kissed by the first rays of the rising sun.


A delicious breakfast is of course included in your stay in the Starlight Room, as well as dinner with a rich menu of traditional dishes from starter to dessert including a selection of grappa to ease digestion. The room comes equipped with adjustable seats to help find the perfect stargazing position, and Raniero has prepared a starry playlist to put you in the right mood –you can also bring your own.


The Starlight Room is accessible by snowmobile from Rifugio Col Gallina, or you can get there by your own power, either snowshoeing or fat-biking. Whichever way you chose it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.  The Starlight Room Dolomites can be booked for one or two persons for $333 USD per night (dinner and breakfast included) here.

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all images © Giacomo Pompanin