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Stephen Kenn and Gin & Luck Travel Cocktail Kit

Los Angeles based designer Stephen Kenn has teamed-up with Gin & Luck to create the perfect Travel Cocktail Kit.  This leather kit comes with 9 empty bottles, a mixing spoon, and a detailed book containing instructions on how to pack the kit for different types of trips, as well as 15 different cocktail recipes created by David Kaplan and Alex Day ( the men behind legendary cocktail bars Death & Co. and Honeycut). Simply pack the kit using supplies from your home bar (all detailed within the book) and you’ll have everything you need to craft 3 distinct cocktails, any time, any place. The Travel Cocktail Kit retails for $275 USD.


2-stephen-kenn-and-gin-luck-travel-cocktail-kit 4-stephen-kenn-and-gin-luck-travel-cocktail-kit 5-stephen-kenn-and-gin-luck-travel-cocktail-kit 6-stephen-kenn-and-gin-luck-travel-cocktail-kit 7-stephen-kenn-and-gin-luck-travel-cocktail-kit

all images courtesy of  STEPHEN KENN – video from SAMUEL SMITH