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Style On a Budget: Great Fashion Accessories That Won’t Break the Bank

Style On a Budget: Great Fashion Accessories That Won’t Break the Bank

Sometimes, it seems that no sooner have you put together a great outfit and update your wardrobe than a whole new season arrives, and you’re left with the arduous task of starting all over again.

Dressing according to the trends can be a costly exercise, and trying to stay ahead of the fashion curve can be a never-ending task. The fact that every season entails picking out new items for your outfits means that it can all end up adding up, and as such, you need to know what you are purchasing is indeed going to make the desired impact.

To assist you in your fashion accessory shopping spree, we’ve put together a list of very affordable pieces that will greatly enhance your overall look, and adhere to the latest fads and fashion crazes.

Personalized Jewelry

Customized jewelry is all the rage right now and is far less expensive than you might perhaps think. Celebrities have been wearing these a lot of late, and we very much recommend a name necklace for women who want to be noticed. These can be understated or powerful messages that help to complete a look, and you can get them in all sorts of styles and price ranges.

Another great thing can be a custom printed enamel pin that can be worn on a jacket or bag, and these can also say whatever you want them to. They represent great value for money and will really make you stand out from the crowd. What makes enamel pins so special is that you can design them yourself, or have someone do them for you as a gift, and they make great conversation starters too.


The fashion trends of 2021 have been mercifully informal, perhaps to help us deal with the past 18 months of an ongoing pandemic that has hit us like a cannonball, and scrunchies are back on point. These are great to keep your hair in check while also making a fashion statement and harking back to a different era. Opt for bright luminous color to help pull off the retro look.

Baguette Bag

This is definitely one of the trendiest items of the year, and is available at all main street stores and online in various types. None of these will break the bank, and they are a great accessory for pretty much every outfit. This is perfect for those who don’t fit what they need in a clutch and don’t want to push for the hugely popular oversized tote bags. This size is ideal for those who like to go out for an evening straight from work.

Hoop Earrings

Nothing screams “glamour” than hoop earrings. They are hot statement pieces that are not only stylish but comfortable, too. The best part about hoop earrings is that they are available in a variety of shapes, patterns, and designs, meaning you can wear them on different occasions.

Simple silver and gold hoops are having a big moment in 2022. When paired with casual dresses in summer, they help transform your statement into chic and classy. Even if you grab the pairs of them, the trend won’t hurt your pockets.

Pearl Choker

Clearly, to avoid overspending, you should look to pick up a pearl choker that isn’t made of real pearls; let’s be honest, no one can really tell the difference anyway. These are a nice playful accessory, just right for a night out with the girls and classy enough for events that are a little bit on the high-end side of things. Usually, these can be picked up for little more than $10, so should be within your budget.

Style On a Budget: Great Fashion Accessories That Won’t Break the Bank

Clunky Clay Rings

These are adorable. Check out chunky clay rings if you want an inexpensive jewelry trend to stay ahead of the fashion curve. These ceramic accessories are great and can top off a nice airy outfit. You can either go all out with bright colored rings or opt for more metallic for more formal attire. They work best when you wear a few of them at the same time, so have fun with them.

Net Bags

There’s something about these that bring to mind a day trip to the beach. Net bags are proving very popular this year, and are useful for those who pack a lot of items when traveling from a to b. Clearly, it’s important that you don’t mind that the world can see just what you have in your bag. Don’t worry about the possibility of things falling out, as you can get net bags that include a solid insert. This trend is stylish AND practical.

Silk Scarves

2021 IS the year of the silk scarf, and they are an ideal accessory for those of us on a budget, mainly because they don’t cost the earth and they are ultra-versatile. It’s always handy to have one or two of these in your bag for any occasion. They can be worn in a myriad of ways, and the styles they come in can work with various outfits; indeed, your whole look can be inspired by the choice you make.

Retro Sunglasses

A nice pair of chunky sunglasses, ideally with a retro feel, won’t be hugely expensive, and they can set off your wardrobe nicely. Yes, the summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t still shine (albeit the temperature has decreased more than a tad), and a pair of nice sunglasses always look good. You can look to have traditional lenses, or perhaps those with a nice colorful tint to them.

Quilted Body Bag

We’ve seen a lot of quilting around this year, and there is a sense that the style looks luxurious but is, on the whole, not pricey. A nice quilted body bag from a Gucci bag reseller, with a good bit of detailing around the buckle/snap area will always look classic, but there are many alternatives to the expensive brands that use the same style. This is even more effective with a chain strap for extra classy points.

A Pair of Elevated House Slippers

Perhaps it’s because we’ve been spending far more time indoors, but for some reason, high-end slippers are very much ‘in,’ and many main street outlets and popular online stores are selling elevated house slippers at good prices. These will make you look like an heiress chilling in your boudoir, even if your apartment is low-scale and cozy. We find these simply delightful but also incredibly comfortable and more than just a little decadent.