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Summer Home Design Tips That Will Keep Your House Cool

If you live in warm weather locales like San Diego, California or Perth, Australia you know that things can really heat up in the summer. With energy costs climbing every year, it can cost a fortune to keep your air conditioning running all day and night just to stay comfortable.

One of the most overlooked ways to keep you cool when the temperatures get high starts with your interior decor and design. How you decorate your home and create proper air circulation can go a long way to keeping you cool without ramping up your energy bills.

From calling the best electrician Perth or San Diego has to offer to help you install new ceiling fans to choosing a cooling color palette for your home, there are plenty of eco-friendly and economical ways to keep your home cool.


Although a deep and dramatic wall color can really make a statement, it can also affect the temperature in your home. Darker colors naturally absorb sunlight, creating a warming effect. Choosing lighter neutral colors can help you to reflect sunlight and keep your interiors cooler. You can also invest in High LRV (Light Reflective Value) paints that are specifically designed to reflect the maximum amount of UV rays, keeping your room more comfortable.

 Summer Home Design Tips That Will Keep Your House Cool

Install Awnings

Most of the heat that seeps into your home during the hottest parts of the day comes through your windows. You could close your windows and draw some heavy shades to keep out the light or, you could install exterior awnings. Individual awnings on your south and west-facing windows can help shade your interior from the sun without blocking the natural light. 

Bare Floors

There is no doubt that carpeting feels great on your feet but, it can add to the temperature in your home. Carpet fibers can absorb sunlight and then radiate heat back into your room. If you want a cooler environment it’s better to go with bare flooring materials like hardwoods, ceramics, laminates or bamboo. There is no reason why you can’t add a low-pile area rug around your sitting areas to help keep your toes warm.

 Summer Home Design Tips That Will Keep Your House Cool

Ceiling Fans

Having great air circulation throughout your home can make an incredible difference to your comfort in the warmer months. As the air flows through your home it creates a cooling breeze on your skin and makes you feel cooler. When the nights get hot, you will love having a ceiling fan pushing cool air down on your bed to keep you comfortable and able to sleep.

Switch To LED Lighting

You may be surprised at the amount of ambient heat that just one incandescent light bulb can produce. Switching out all of your older bulbs for the more efficient and eco-friendly LED bulbs can help keep your home cooler and keep your energy costs down.

Even if you love getting out in the sun, you still want to be able to find shelter and cool comfort in your own home. Try some of these decor and design tips to help you create your own summer oasis that will beat the heat.