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SwivelCard – Smart Business Card with built-in USB Drive

Washington-based engineer Andrew DePaula has developed the SwivelCard, a smart business card that features an built-in USB drive. SwivelCard allows users to store a small file that can be easily programmed to open any URL when it is clicked. This small file can point to a website, an online portfolio or a Dropbox folder (right now, the cards have a limited amount of storage built-in, less than 1MB). SwivelCard come with analytics, which are linked to a back-end system, and can be updated at any time. Remote access to SwivelCard gives users many opportunities to continue interacting with the card’s recipient.

SwivelCard’s creators are currently seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign.

2-swivelcard-smart-business-card-with-built-in-usb-drive 3-swivelcard-smart-business-card-with-built-in-usb-drive 4-swivelcard-smart-business-card-with-built-in-usb-drive

all images courtesy of SWIVELCARD