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T Weekend House by Process5 Design

Keishiro Yamada | Y F T - YAMADA FOTO TECHNIX

Japanese studio Process5 Design has designed this weekend house in Western Japan not so far from Osaka city. The owner purchased a long and narrow sloping land with 13 meters of difference in elevation on a small hilltop overlooking the sea in the distance and wished to spend time playing various activities and relaxing at this place which are not possible in the city.


In this lot of sloping land Process5 Design proposed a plan with four floors and a voluminous stairwell of over 10 meters in order to connect them through the center of the building that directs light and wind into the structure and allows the presence of each floor to be felt temperately.

Each floor that is connected through this volume, which deviates from the scale of a living room, provides different view, light and wind environment.


One can enjoy a breakfast sitting on a swing, have a BBQ with friends in summer, read books covered in a blanket in autumn or take a nap with a fire going in a wood-burning stove in winter. A time to spend at where you wish, selected from the places with a personality in each of them, depending on the season and your feeling at the time. The result is a playground for grownups to spend a luxurious time not possible in a city.

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