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Taumascopio by Mattia Paco Rizzi + Jessica Bergstein-Collay

Parisian artist-architect Mattia Paco Rizzi and Jessica Bergstein-Collay have conceived the “Taumascopio”, a psychedelic art installation created and realized for the 2014 Kanal Playground Festival in Brussels, Belgium. Equipped with a viewfinder and covered with mirrors, the device acts like a kaleidoscope, creating visual diversity in city, its architecture and its users. The Taumascopio invites us to reflect in poetic vein on public space and its users with a box of delights that gives us multiple visions and allows us to see the city differently. “The mosaic of reflections sends our thinking in new directions and encourages us to re-examine our ideas” explains Mattia.

After its debut at the Kanal Playground festival the installation will travel along all the major square of the city.


2-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 3-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 4-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 5-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 6-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 7-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 8-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 9-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay 10-taumascopio-by-mattia-paco-rizzi-jessica-bergstein-collay

all images and video courtesy of MATTIA PACO RIZZI