As part of this year’s Yard Built program, Yamaha asked Hookie Co. to build a playful, sporty and classic bike. Two criteria applies to the Hookie Co. conversion, but the Moto Design Company didn’t want to go in the classic direction this time. Based on the Yamaha XSR700, Hookie Co. developed a bike with the intention to look into the future. The “Grasshopper” is inspired by the straight lines of the MX bikes, paired with a few details from the flat track range.

 Hookie Co. Yard Built Yamaha XSR700 Motorcycle

The XSR700 now rolls on a 17″ wheel set with Pirelli MT60 tires. These tires with the bigger tread blocks are an indication that the bike is not only for on-road, but also off-road fun as well.

The conversion displays the potential of the XSR700, which can be transformed quickly into a customized bike with ease. Hookie Co. has made no modifications to the frame nor to the chassis, retaining and using original mounting points as well many of Yamaha’s own in-house customized parts. The handmade aluminum tank holds a capacity of approx. 9 liters. The complete seat area is also made of aluminum. In order to achieve a simple and stable assembly for the tank and seat, a new mounting plate was developed, which can be mounted directly on original holders of the XSR700.

 Hookie Co. Yard Built Yamaha XSR700 Motorcycle

Plug and play – this was the challenge for Hookie and with the DNA of MX/Dirt/Tracker the “Grasshopper” is now on the starting line. The front was finished with a handmade aluminum lamp mask – the highlight feature of the lamp mask is that it slides directly over the front fork, and does not need fixtures for installation. A 7″ LED headlight for perfect illumination on and off-road is a must. The other lighting elements of the “Grasshopper” is an unusual material and was used by Hookie Co. for the first time. The work was done with orange fluorescent acrylic panels, which were matted on the inside. In the front area the panels form a translucent cover for the on-board electronics and giving the bike a completely new modern interpretation. In addition, two small LED indicators are integrated in the front panels to illuminate the side panels.

 Hookie Co. Yard Built Yamaha XSR700 Motorcycle

At the rear sits an acrylic element with 3 fins, which contains turn signals, the taillight and brake light. All acrylic panels are mounted on the motorcycle by means of 3D printed components.

Further details like Gilles brake and clutch lever, seat cover from waterproof Alcantara, Motogadget glassless M.View rear view mirrors, Pirelli MT60 tires, SC-Project exhaust system, Yamaha radiator side covers and radiator cover are the small but fine details on the “Grasshopper”.