If we consider two casinos that both have licenses, offer lucrative bonuses and have the same variety of games, what is the difference that would make one online casino more appealing than the other? It’s the design concept. 

Now, some might argue how having an aesthetically pleasing online casino is just a matter of taste, but the fact is how the design can make or break the deal with the customer. Just think about it, modern-day internet users have higher expectations than they did a couple of years ago, and their expectations will only grow in years to come. If we look at the safest casinos for Irish players, they all have some things in common, and in this article, we will lead you step by step and explain what it means to have a good design concept. 

What is a Design Concept?

The design concept is the general idea of the brand, in this case, an online casino, that covers all important aspects of not only doing business but creating a lasting relationship with the customer. It answers questions about the main goals of the business, the type of users it will serve, the product itself, the emotions it wants to evoke, etc… 

How To Create the Design Concept for a Web Casino? 

The most important thing to think about is what type of brand the online casino wants to be and who is their audience. Depending on those two factors, the designer can easily narrow down all stylistic and design choices. For example, an online casino that is created with females in mind will have to rely on a more vibrant color scheme, and user-friendly characters. It also has to offer a social aspect in one way or another, as women usually don’t see gambling as a money-making opportunity, but as a way of socializing. 

On the other hand, online gambling sites dedicated primarily to sports betting will choose “manly” saturated colors like dark green and blue, as they speak to male audiences. Green is also the color of many sports terrains and jerseys, while blue is a favorite color to express a serious and professional approach. 

Knowing the audience is crucial, and one of the most common things clients will say to their clients is that “everyone is their audience”, which is simply not true. In most cases, popular online casinos capture the attention of players between 25 and 40, who prefer slots or live casinos, while they play poker on specialized websites. 

 Web Design Concept in Online Casinos

Navigation is the Key

The second important factor one must consider is the overall website navigation. Many online casino companies have no idea how the average user will approach the casino because they know and understand their business too well. To put yourself in a user’s state of mind simply think: 

“Would my mother/not so tech-savvy cousin/busy brother get what they want within a few clicks or would they bail and look further?”

A good online casino design concept allows users to get what they want as quickly as possible. Of course, having a tech team that supports the idea of good and user-friendly design is of crucial importance, as they are those that will implement the desired features. The design has to be intuitive and make sense for the person who visits the casino site for the first time while offering some suggestions at the same time.

Another important aspect of creating a design concept is keeping the website user-friendly and accessible from many types of devices. Modern online casino punters play on tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers and expect the website to be functional on all of them and load without any troubles. 

Mobile gaming is the future of the casino industry, as it allows players to enjoy their favorite games any time and any place. Still, to ensure their profits, companies bombard users with so many banners and pop-ups that it makes it impossible to access games, especially on small mobile screens. It is upon every designer to find common ground and convince the company how such design decisions can be counterproductive while having only one or two strategically placed ads can mean the world. 

Look at Casino Pilot Canada For Inspiration

If you want a real example of what we are talking about you should look at how Casino Pilot Canada are doing it. You can check out their website here: https://www.casinopilot.ca/

Just by having a glance at their homepage you get into the Casino-feeling. Without reading a single word their audience will understand what they can expect to find on the site. This is exactly what you want to achieve in terms of brand awareness.

Casino Pilot Canada are also making use of simple navigation. Their most popular pages are visible straight of the bat, and if you are looking for something else you have a more detailed menu in the top right corner along with a search bar.

The website is responsive, which makes it user friendly on all the most common devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops on different screen sizes. Choosing a responsive web design is probably the best choice you can make today if you are considering building your own online casino site.