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The 7 Best Boston Suburbs

Couple Walking In The Street Carrying Plants And Boxes

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Boston is an old city with its own unique history. It offers ample opportunities to live and run a business, but what if city life doesn’t seem that appealing?

There are various reasons why people move to suburban areas.

For Boston, MA, it is:

  •       High prices for real estate;
  •       High cost of living;
  •       Density of population.

Are there any nice places to live near Boston that could satisfy your needs?

Absolutely. Here is a list of the 7 best Boston suburbs that should help you to choose your perfect location.

1. Cambridge

To move to this suburb of Boston, MA, you’d better be a student. Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Lesley University are nearby. The prices for renting are high – you’ll be lucky to find a one-room place for $2,500 a month.

2. Brookline

This place is just as prestigious as Cambridge. Student life is vibrant here too. To rent a room, you’ll be paying around $2,800 per month. With museums and the Brookline Reservoir Park nearby, why not? If the Kennedys once lived here, it is a good sign. It is truly one of the top towns near Boston MA.

 Couple Walking Along The Street Carrying Boxes And Plants

3. Newton

A nice town to move to, since it offers a high quality of life and decent salaries. The median income is $154,398, and the poverty rate is just 4.3%. Nature lovers will appreciate the green areas and places near the water. $3,000 per month and this place near Boston is all yours.

4. Belmont

Belmont is among the best places to live around Boston for its Georgian-style and Colonial Revival architecture. Proximity to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology makes it a desirable option for students and their parents. $2,300 is the average price per month for one room.

5. Brighton

Movers in Brighton know what they are heading for since the suburb is one of the best to live near Boston. It has a good education system, a hospital, a museum – and relatively low prices – $2,000 per month for one room. Hurry up, though; it is going to grow.

6. Somerville

If you can budget $2,200 per month for a room, you have a great town to live near Boston. Somerville is closely connected with the history of the American Revolutionary War. Besides, the schools are great there so you can move in with your children. A friendly place with a decent past.

7. Winchester

A place to move for those who want a quiet family life. No need to buy a car since there are two train lines taking you right to Boston in no time at all. Breathe in the fresh air of Upper Mystic Lake, and don’t forget to budget for a monthly rent of around $2,100.

How to Move?

Sometimes it’s a headache to pack everything in time, move safely, or even store stuff in another town for a while. Relax, have a cup of coffee, and make sure you have a link to a moving company in Boston, such as the Octopus Moving Company. It has enough tentacles to sort everything out for you in no time.