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The Advantages Of Outsourcing A Graphic Designer

The Advantages Of Outsourcing A Graphic Designer

“In-house” doesn’t mean cheaper: when a outsource graphic design agency service is more profitable. This question usually arises when the amount of design tasks increases dramatically due to the growth of the business. A company no longer has enough of a working website and regularly updated ads, banners, business cards. Design tasks arise from it constantly and need a quality solution.

Designer for outsourcing is an expensive business

When the amount of tasks for designers crosses a critical threshold, the most obvious solution is to find an agency. It seems that this is not difficult: there are hundreds of design agencies and web-studios.

But there are questions of another order.

  • How not to run into lovers of disruption deadlines?
  • How to distinguish quality work from the potboiler, if you are not a designer?
  • How not to overpay?

With the first is simple (and complicated) – google potential partners. Behind those who like to delay urgent tasks and deceive customers are stretched “black” digital trail of reviews. The agency’s website will be smooth and decent – look for the truth on forums, business platforms and other resources whose content the agency can’t influence.

With the second issue is considerably more complicated. You will have to rely on your own taste: whether you like the work, whether it coincides with your style and your idea of beauty. Of course, you can search for contacts in the professional community and show your work to other designers, but it also does not guarantee anything.

But the economic question is the easiest. You outline a pool of tasks, say, for the next six months and hand it out for evaluation to several agencies. You will be given an estimate of both the estimated time cost and the total estimated cost. All that remains is to compare and draw conclusions. Yes, in the process, the cost may well change, but certainly not at times.

By the way, these calculations will help you decide on the choice between in-house and outsourced work. Immediately visible, which option is more profitable in your case.

 The Advantages Of Outsourcing A Graphic Designer

Why do we advise you to outsource your design?

This is profitable. And not just design. What agencies are good, it is specialists of different qualifications. In addition, to outsource graphic design in India, they usually have marketing specialists, copywriters, layout designers, proofreaders. Imagine how much it would cost to hire, maintain and develop all these people on an ongoing basis?

It is rational. You don’t have to worry about technical support, development and training of designers: all this lies on the shoulders of the head of the agency. And these matters are of the utmost importance: it depends on them whether good designers and moneyed clients come to us.

It’s a time saver. Imagine: the day after tomorrow you have a presentation, you need to draw a presentation with 50 slides. At best, an in-house designer will do it. He will refuse to sleep and rest, give up on the blunders in his work (no time), leave all the other tasks – and do it. At worst, he or she will say, “It’s impossible”.

The agency has the resources to distribute the task among different designers, so that it can be completed as normal without any loss of quality. This works not only with urgent tasks, but also with scheduled ones. What one person will spend a week on, the agency “closes” in a couple of days.