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The Benefits of Adding Shaded Areas to the Outside of Your Home

Living area open to the outdoors

Feeling the sun on your face is a wonderful sensation, but, indeed, too much of a good thing is not good for you. You may want to head outside when the sky is a beautiful blue hue to soak up some sunlight, but after a little while you will start looking around for a place away from those rays, and this is a healthy choice. Adding shaded areas to the outside of your home is beneficial in many ways for you and your family.

Protects You From the Sun

Shade provides a refuge from the sun and protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays. You can choose to make this shade in a variety of ways, including installing an acrylic patio cover. The size of your shade provider is determined by how much open space you have available to make your new sanctuary. It is easier and faster than growing a tree for shade and can be put where you want it. Having a shaded area outside will give you a space to enjoy your morning coffee and read a book without baking in the sun. It also provides a place you can put tables of food during any parties you host.

Nurtures Shade-Loving Plants

Your shaded area can become a beautiful oasis that nurtures shade-loving plants and flowers. Some wonderful choices are Japanese primrose, bellflower, hydrangeas, Indian pink, hardy begonia, lily of the valley and bigfoot geranium. Adding these or any other plants that thrive in shaded areas will increase the beauty of your home and give you a wonderful pastime to enjoy. Caring for your shade plants will help relieve stress and give you a focus away from work and other responsibilities. The quality of your outside space will be greatly enhanced by incorporating the interesting visual features of colorful plants.

Adds Value to Your Home

Adding a structure to your home is a great way to add value to it, and considering it is probably one of your biggest investments, that is always a smart idea. You will benefit from increasing the value of your home whether you plan to sell it in the near future or if you plan to keep it in your family for generations. Your home’s value is one of the major factors involved with refinancing and tapping into home equity, so you may be able to benefit from increasing your worth by being able to get more from a refi.

 Back garden with tree and shade areas

Stores Outdoor Items

Having an accessible outside covered area provides a place to store outdoor items that do not fit or belong in a shed. If you do not have a shed or garage, it can become the place that houses not only comfortable chairs, a table, and some blooming bellflowers, but your bicycles, garden gloves, and shovels, as well. These items will be much easier to get to under your shaded area and will be protected from harsh elements. Anything affected by heat will be away from the damaging effects of strong sunlight and will have the advantage of circulating air to keep it cool.

Encourages Outside Time

A lovely, cool and comfortable outside setting complete with the shaded area is very inviting. Constructing this kind of space is beneficial to you, your family and your friends because it encourages outside time. It gives you a place to be together where the air is fresh and tv screens don’t exist. Your oasis can become a place of community for your family where you look at each other’s faces more than your phones, without having to worry about getting overheated and sunburnt.

Sometimes adding something simple to your life can bring about many beneficial results. Adding a shaded area to the outside of your home is a great example of this, because it is easy to do and provides protection from harmful rays, increases the beauty and value of your home, gives you a place to store outside stuff and creates a space that could become your family’s favorite sanctuary. How and where you add this space depends on your budget, interests and property. The peace and comfort you can get from this area will be worth the effort it takes to create for years to come.