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The Bomb Drinks Cabinet by Fallen Furniture

Standing more than eight feet tall and weighing 600 pounds, the mirror-polished Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet by Fallen Furniture is a truly unique piece of furniture. Behind the gleaming 1970s missile fuselage, three glass shelves revolve around a gold-plated spindle; while in the base, a sliding platform built from lacquered American walnut conceals an armoury of custom-made cocktail utensils. With its potent fusion of industrial heritage and high-end craftsmanship, this breathtaking cabinet is without equal.

 2-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture 3-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture 4-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture 5-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture 6-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture 7-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture 8-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture 9-the-bomb-drinks-cabinet-by-fallen-furniture

all images courtesy of FALLEN FURNITURE