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The Business Professional’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Apartments in Los Angeles

The Business Professional's Quick and Dirty Guide to Apartments in Los Angeles

Known as the ‘City of Angels,’ Los Angeles is large, diverse, and of course, very expensive. This is actually great news for business professionals looking to network, launch new companies, or just to learn. Although this city is densely populated, if you come out to live in L.A. with a smart plan, you can likely find a nice apartment that is within your means. Remember that there are lots of neighborhoods in L.A., so finding an affordable apartment might mean having a longer commute, but no matter what, there will be a commute literally everywhere. Here is some information that will be invaluable to any business person considering a move to L.A.

What to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles

Some major cities are a little more condensed, so their public transportation systems can stand in place of a vehicle. Los Angeles is not one of those places. With that in mind, most people who live in Los Angeles drive. And if you don’t have access to a vehicle, you might have to spend a little more on Uber and Lyft rides. Either way, note that you are likely to have a substantial commute if you are not working from home. The cost of living is a little higher in California than it is in other states, so you can expect everything from movie tickets to going out to eat to be costlier out in L.A. The good news is that the greater Los Angeles area has absolutely no shortage of jobs and opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds. Whether you are getting ready to launch a start-up or work as a makeup artist, you can find amazing opportunities in no time. 

 The Business Professional's Quick and Dirty Guide to Apartments in Los Angeles

How to Choose a Los Angeles Apartment

In Los Angeles, swanky apartments get rented out quickly. So, before you even start looking for a place, you should have a cashier’s check, your apartment application fee, and if you are clever, a copy of your credit report and background check on hand. The key to finding apartments in L.A. is making yourself a highly attractive potential tenant. If you earn a handsome income as a business professional, make sure to highlight that detail as prominently as you can during the apartment tour. If you have a really good rapport with your last landlord, mention it. Learn the neighborhoods and know what you are looking for, as you don’t want to waste time. 

Finding a Place on Your Own Versus Utilizing a Service

Because Los Angeles is a very large city that happens to be home to Hollywood’s elite, business professionals, and self-made millionaires, there are services that help people find the apartment of their dreams in a snap. Blueground is one such company. The furnished apartment provider is dedicated to making people feel at home wherever they choose to live. It makes sense that you don’t have the time or energy to go see about 10 different apartments in one week. Instead, you can count on Blueground to do all of the heavy lifting for you. Head to their website and sort through the listings by filtering based on your preferences. From location, size and amenities, you’ll find a plethora of monthly rentals. Alternatively, you can go through realtors, newspaper ads, and private landlords to find rentals yourself. This will be a more time-consuming process though, and you’ve got more important stuff to do. Not only is it time-consuming, but there is also a high probability of you landing in an unfurnished apartment. It means you will have to do additional work and put more energy into ensuring that all your belongings are landed safely at your new residence. It can become a very hectic and tiring job in a city like Los Angeles if you don’t have reliable movers. Therefore, you must have the list of best moving companies Los Angeles before you decide to move to the city. It will help you to get real people at work to move your stuff safely without any damage.

 The Business Professional's Quick and Dirty Guide to Apartments in Los Angeles

Is There Any Way to Save on Rent in Los Angeles? 

There are a few different paths that business persons can take when apartment shopping in Los Angeles. First, there is the option of simply renting out a room in someone’s apartment or home. If you don’t mind sharing the bathroom, common areas, and kitchen with what could be a revolving cast of characters, this is the absolute best way to save on rent costs in L.A. While there are also some rent-controlled apartments in the city, they are almost impossible to find. Because of this, a lot of renters in Los Angeles are finding themselves moving further and further away from the heart of the city. The further you live from the downtown area, the cheaper the rents get. 

What Changes Are Being Made in The L.A. Housing Market?

Officials and residents have been aware of the housing shortage in L.A. for a while now. Unfortunately, not a whole lot has been done to effectively deal with the homelessness crisis, leading to a mass exodus. In addition to building more luxury apartments and furnished rentals in Los Angeles, officials are now looking at affordable housing options. Since the cost of living is high here, anyone earning less than around $90,000 a year could be eligible to receive affordable housing in the future.  

It is possible to live in Los Angeles and have a comfortable apartment, whether it is in a luxury hi-rise or in a small studio off Rodeo Drive. A huge part of the battle is actually getting there, as many business professionals have dreams of making it out to L.A., but few arrive. In Los Angeles, the weather is warm all year long, there are beaches, shopping, and entertainment options everywhere, and the opportunities are endless. Ensure that you have a place to live before you come to call the City of Angels your permanent home.