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The Comfort Conversion: A Guide to All Things Bedroom Design

The Comfort Conversion: A Guide to All Things Bedroom Design

Our bedrooms are the place where we start and end our days, are our most intimate and recharge our batteries in peace and reflection. Despite the responsibility we place on these sacred rooms, it doesn’t get enough design attention and many bedrooms are lacklustre places that simply serve their core purpose without adding a wooden bedside table or any other touches that made a room a bedroom. If you’re serious about curating a bedroom that is a reflection of who you are and your values, let’s discuss what bedroom design ideas can help you on your way to transforming your bedroom into a stylish and restful sanctuary.

Remove clutter

Your bedroom is not that third drawer in your kitchen which seems to accumulate a great number of miscellaneous items – it should be a room that adds value to you in the morning and evening with no unnecessary clutter. You might not think of your room as a place of clutter, but challenge yourself in assessing all items and asking how often they are used and what business they have been in your bedroom. You also want to rethink how much furniture you actually need in this space, as a bedroom that is too pokey will be harder to relax within and you might not want to spend too much time in there at all. Once you have gutted your room of clutter, you won’t believe how inviting your new bedroom design will then be.

 The Comfort Conversion: A Guide to All Things Bedroom Design

Tones and textures 

In your bedroom, you want to be playing around with a range of bedroom tones and textures as this will give your room dimension. These textures can be incorporated through a thick rug, woollen throws, velvet cushions and even some sharp shapes around the room. Mixed textures have been a huge focus area for interior designers and home stagers in recent years, as they really do bring an air of elegance and style, and they pull together a finished look that is anything but average. You also want to be thinking about your colour tones and how you can bring this into your texture styling. A good rule of thumb is to only have a colour palette of about 2-3 colours, and by playing within these frameworks you can bring a real identity to your bedroom.

 The Comfort Conversion: A Guide to All Things Bedroom Design


The lighting in your bedroom is one of the easiest things to control, and yet many get it wrong in their own bedrooms. You want to be looking for ambient lighting in your bedroom, and if you can’t get that from all the overhead light bulbs on the shelves, bring in some festoon lights, small lamps or standing lamps to establish a more restful glow that you have total control over. 

You also want to be considering how natural light streams into your room, and what curtains and furniture redesigns you can achieve to capitalise on that beautiful natural light. If you aren’t satisfied with the natural light in your bedroom and you have the budget, consider adding a skylight to actually lighten your room naturally. Another thing you want to remember is that the colours of your walls are going to impact how you perceive the light in your room, so if you have a heavy colour on your walls consider something lighter before you decide that you don’t have enough light.

Bedroom design is a fun project to get into, and it is perfectly normal to want to change things every so often and try out new design touches. Just don’t bend to any wild trends because they always pass and you don’t want to be left with a bedroom that you are going to be ashamed of in one years time!