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The Future of Office Design and Architecture

The Future of Office Design and Architecture

These days, we know just how significant office design and architecture is in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction. The way the workspace is laid out can have a dramatic impact on how well the business runs. The ideal office space has changed drastically over the past decade and it continues to change with each passing year. Here, we’ll look at the future of office design and architecture and what you should be focusing on when thinking of improving your existing space.

A focus on health and wellbeing

Recent research has revealed that a fifth of millennials have turned down office jobs due to a poorly designed workspace. Similarly, many have left their jobs because the office space was uninspiring. Today, there is a lot more focus on designing office spaces which improve employee health and wellbeing. Numerous studies have shown just how important office layout is to the health, happiness and productivity of employees. This is only going to become even more important as the year’s pass. So, if your office environment doesn’t currently enhance health and wellbeing, it’s definitely something you’re going to need to look into.

Open plan offices

Another trend which has already taken off, is open plan offices. The days of rigid office layouts with individual cubicles are fast becoming redundant. Research has shown that employees are happier and more productive when they work within an open plan, non-traditional office environment. Therefore, businesses today are looking at incorporating a more open plan design. Of course, changing your office space without disruption isn’t easy. However, temporary buildings could be the answer. These buildings provide the space you need to continue running the business, while your office of the future is being built or remodelled.

 The Future of Office Design and Architecture

Interior greenery

As part of an attempt to improve health and happiness within the working environment, interior greenery is set to play a large role in future office design. From adding simple plants and flowers to the office, to creating full “green walls” this Biophilic design trend is set to become huge in the future. Workers do perform better when they are surrounded by nature, plus certain plants and greenery can improve the air quality in the office.

It’s not just plants and flowers which are going to boost this green trend either. Future office spaces are going to focus largely on sustainability and green practices. That means green branding and creating green initiatives within the office environment.

These are just some of the things we can expect from the future of office design and architecture. While it may be costly making necessary changes, improving your office space will ultimately deliver increased productivity and increased long-term profits.