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The Guest by Paul Smith – Lladró Porcelain Figurines

UK fashion designer Paul Smith has created porcelain figurines for LladróThe Guest’ series. The unique aesthetic of the English designer has been mirrored artistically by the artisans at Lladró, who have put their expert hands to work to capture his creative world. Giving life to the fun-loving characters created for Lladró, cattered with confetti and covered with masks, the cat and dog are the two newest additions to The Guest collection.

Famous for introducing colour into the classic English aesthetic, the geometric pattern in bright colours conceived by the designer stamps character on the new versions of The Guest by Paul Smith. A long-time love and appreciation of porcelain and an admiration for Lladró’s ability to modernise a thousand-year-old material using master artisanal processes, appealed to Paul Smith.

The Guest by Paul Smith for Lladró is available to buy online at PaulSmith.co.uk, Lladro.com and from selected Paul Smith shops.

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all images courtesy of LLADRÓ