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Behind The Brand – The History Of Kubota

Behind The Brand - The History Of Kubota

The future of agricultural and industrial equipment was birthed in Japan in 1890, by Gonshiro Kubota. Starting out as a metal casing business, the humble Japanese company expanded and was a well unrecognizable offering just thirty years later. Kubota produced its very own oil-based engines which were intended for industrial and agricultural purposes. The company stayed ahead of the industry since those first days of operation, now branching out to enhance technology in the industries they serve. Fast forward to to the late 90’s when Kubota Australia entered the market and has retained their place as the leading supplier of agricultural, construction and power equipment. Let’s take a look at how this came to be.

Construction Concessions

Construction equipment is not an area that you want to cut corners with. Quality is the name of the game. Kubota supply leading compact conventional swing and zero turn Kubota excavators for small and large scale work. These units are available for purchase or hire, and each product is maintained and serviced regularly. The collection includes Skid Steers, Excavators, Hammers, Track Loaders and Wheel Loaders. Complete your construction project safely on time, and go direct through Kubota.

Golf Supplies

Kubota is not only responsible for digging and tearing, but it’s also a provider of golf and sports supplies that keep conditions optimal to play. If you manage a sporting venue or facility that needs a closer clip and some extra TLC, you may require the services of some quality Kubota units. In the golf and sports range, you can find specially made Mowers, Tractors, Utility Vehicles, Brushcutters, and Specialist Turf Equipment. Let Kubota tend the turf at your golf club.

Engines And Generators

Kubota has been leading the global engine and generator market for long enough to know that inferior products cannot do the job. It was 1922 when Kubota manufactured the first engine, and the quality and research has only strengthened since then to create the ultimate product line. Explore the collection of Engines, Generators and Power Packs – and upgrade to something that will give you the power you need.

Residential Equipment

Just because the mower and tractor are used on a smaller scale to a construction site, does not mean you should suffer poor quality. Kubota proudly keeps the lawns manicured in thousands of homes around Australia, and the price is incredible attractive given the reputation and craftsmanship you are buying into. If it’s time to upgrade your Mower, Tractor, Utility Vehicle of Brushcutter – consider parking a Kubota in your shed. Your yard will thank you later.

Commercial Equipment

The same goes for your business. Whether you work for council, government or in education – the need for quality yard equipment is paramount. Renting these units can be costly, particularly when you are using these units on a daily business. That’s why Kubota offers finance options on all equipment purchased, as well as an invitation to the service support network in case any issues or manufacturing faults may occur.

No matter your reason for purchasing, Kubota will help tackle the project with their state of the art equipment and craftsmanship. Construction leaders have been taking advantage of the design capabilities for about a century, but that’s not to say you can’t bring that ingenuity into your own yard.