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The MINI Citysurfer Concept

In order to face up to the current and future challenges posed by the traffic situation in urban conurbation areas all over the world MINI presenting an innovative concept for flexible individual mobility, the MINI Citysurfer Concept. As a light and compact single-track vehicle in the style of a kick scooter with an auxiliary electric drive, the concept study shows attractive ways in which its users can get directly to their final destination without having to consider traffic congestion, the shortage of parking space and the timetable intervals of local public transportation.


With a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h (15 mph) and an electric range of some 15 to 25 kilometres (10 – 15 miles), the MINI Citysurfer Concept is ideally suited for day-to-day use over short distances. The full range of the concept vehicle’s strengths especially come into their own when it is used as a spontaneously available supplement to an automobile or local public transport.


Thanks to its low weight of some 18 kilograms (40 lbs) and a folding concept, it fits easily into the luggage compartmen of a car, for example. In a few swift moves it is ready to take the user from a car park on the outskirts of the town to their final destination in the city centre – the so-called ‘last mile’. Its compact dimensions allow the MINI Citysurfer Concept to be taken along on a bus or train, thereby expanding flexibility in urban traffic.

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4-the-mini-citysurfer-concept 5-the-mini-citysurfer-concept

all images courtesy of BMW GROUP