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The New Parent’s Guide To Beautifully Babyproofing Your Home

Close-up on a child's feet

Pavel Danilyuk da Pexels

There is no life change as significant as having a baby. Despite the whiplash of this change in lifestyle, it is also one of the most exciting times as a parent, as you step into this role and get to know the bundle of joy that you have been waiting nine months to meet. Before long that little bundle will be on the move, which means that babyproofing needs to be considered early and frequently. Read on to get a new parents’ guide to babyproofing your home in a way that is beautiful yet thorough.

Electrical safety

Babyproofing tends to be focused around sharp corners and baby gates, and while these are important components, taking the time to view electrical safety guides can often be overlooked. Practising electrical safety at home is inexpensive and easy to do, creating a safer environment but also educating the household on how they should interact with electricals also. Get in the habit of turning off powerpoints that are not being used, do not leave cords plugged in at floor level with something heavy on a table or bench that can fall and replace all worn electrical cords. 

If you do not feel equipped to make an assessment of your electrical safety, you can also book an electrical to conduct an electrical safety audit to highlight the areas requiring improvement. There are many electrical products and styles to choose from now so you can easily achieve a stylish-looking home that is electrically safe.

Entry and exit points

From the moment they can crawl, scoot, cruise and walk – they want to get outside and explore the world. Babyproofing your home’s entry and exit points should be one of your highest priorities. If your baby gets outside the risks to their safety multiple, with roads, strangers, weather and outdoor equipment at their fingertips. You can easily install baby gates on these entry and exit points, choosing bars that they can still see you through, or you might prefer something a little more private. You also want to fix those doors that have worn locks and other defects that make them insecure for your little one.

If you have pets and other children entering and exiting the house, then you need to think strategically about how you are going to keep everyone safe and secure.

 A Couple Lying on the Bed while Looking at Their Daughter Lying on the Floor

Padding and grip

It’s really not a case of ‘if’ your baby will hurt themselves, but ‘when’. Babies are professionals at getting themselves into positions where they tumble, so parents can only prepare the areas to the best of their ability. Padding furniture will ensure that when they have a fall they are not going to seriously hurt themselves and they are not going to fear climbing and exploring around. It might seem silly, but some parents recommend getting on your hands and feet and walking around the room at a baby level to identify and pad any furniture and corners that could be a threat.

You also want to be creating some grip on your smoother and slipperier surfaces so that your little ones are less inclined to slip often. Confidence in movement is a key part of their development, and providing the right cushion and friction will ensure that they can grow safely in your home.

Clips and brackets

Babies and toddlers are constantly pulling themselves up on furniture. This can make your drawers an unsafe area for children to play around, as they can open the drawers and hit their heads or pull things out of the drawers that are perhaps dangerous. There are plastic clips that can easily be applied to these drawers to keep them shut, with adults just having to unclamp the child-locked clips to get access. It’s that simple. 

Brackets are another essential thing for your home. Heavy pieces of furniture like a chest of drawers and a bookcase can be pulled down on top of your toddler if they hang off them. A bracket will secure these large pieces to the wall so they cannot tip forward or to either side. Most reputable brands will sell pieces of furniture with brackets so you can install them as you introduce these pieces into a room.

Be sure to review your baby proofing often so that you are providing the safest environment for your baby. They are exceptional explorers so you want to be thinking about your space and all the potential improvements you can make.