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The Sky Walk by Zdeněk Fránek Architects


A 101-metre slide winds down through this 55-metre high structure designed by Brno-based studio Fránek Architects on a mountain in the Czech Republic. Together with the construction company Taros Nova, Zdeněk Fránek developed a technical yet organic structure that forms an artificial mountain landscape.

Sky Walk is located very close to the cottage Slaměnka, at the top station of chair lift Sněžník, at an altitude of 1,116 meters above sea level. Its height is 55 meters and the summit can be easily reached along a wooden path with strollers and wheelchairs. More adventurous visitors can use unique 101 m long stainless slider with windows. From here visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the entire massif of the Králický Sněžník with scenic valley of Morava river, in the distance, then the main ridge of Jeseníky and Krkonoše Mountains.


“It is rare to use timber on a construction of this magnitude,”  said studio founder Zdeněk Fránek. It also creates a new kind of experience where people better realise how small they are in the bosom of nature.I don’t know of any other timber construction with steel elements of a similar size and purpose. There are constructions of a similar size but ours takes on an abstract form that suggests the flight of a nocturnal butterfly whose path is seemingly chaotic. It offers an endless amount of views, situations and moments where an indiscernible human being enters the depth and emerges on the outskirts of this natural structure”.

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all images by Jakub Skokan, Martin Tema / BoysPlayNice