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The Stacked Urban Architecture of Hong Kong by Peter Stewart


Australian photographer Peter Stewart recently unveiled his latest series of photos titled, “The Stacked Urban Architecture of Hong Kong.” Shot from the ground up, the pictures focusing on the dense living environments and architecture of Hong Kong’s public housing. All of these photos and more are now available for purchase through Stewert’s website.

 2-the-stacked-urban-architecture-of-hong-kong-by-peter-stewart 3-the-stacked-urban-architecture-of-hong-kong-by-peter-stewart 4-the-stacked-urban-architecture-of-hong-kong-by-peter-stewart 5-the-stacked-urban-architecture-of-hong-kong-by-peter-stewart 6-the-stacked-urban-architecture-of-hong-kong-by-peter-stewart 7-the-stacked-urban-architecture-of-hong-kong-by-peter-stewart

all images © PETER STEWART | H/t designboom