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The Student Hotel Amsterdam by …,staat

Open to both long-term residents and short-term travellers, The Student Hotel is a boutique hotel which aims to provide ideal accommodation for students, interns, researchers and travellers who are looking for affordable luxury. Amsterdam-based creative agency …,staat was commissioned to develop the hotel’s interior and exterior design, as well as its architecture, branding, naming and visual identity.


While focused on offering “comfort, convenience  and community,” The Student Hotel emerges as the ideal home-away-from-home with its various locations throughout Europe, including Rotterdam, The Hague, and more locations to follow in Florence, Eindhoven and Groningen.


The Student Hotel it’s a place that inspires, encourages and energizes students to reach for the next level and where you can have lots of fun in the meantime. To bring all these idea’s to life, …,staat chose a layered concept for the interior of The Student Hotel ground floor. Furniture forms the first layer, which, obviously, is inspired on a student residence and the variety in items students contribute to their new dwelling. Encompassing a ‘hotel-style living’ whilst keeping it real, The Student Hotel’s interiors showcase an energetic mix of new, vintage and modern design furnishing.


Supporting the bold and inspirational identity of The Student Hotel, a graphic – and second – layer was implemented portraying club-scene and street-art murals instead of traditional paintings. Also old illustrations from study books, graphic blow-ups and unexpected color statements were directly composed onto the walls offering a colorful contrast with the coarse concrete frames of the building.


Finally, the third layer consists of enlarged quotes directly placed on the tiles, posted in a bespoke type and signage specifically developed for The Student Hotel. A giant neon lightning bolt, light-flooded communal areas and quirky talking points; every element in The Student Hotel is where the needs of a 21st century student as well as the design- savvy traveler meet.

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all images © Kasia Gatkowska | courtesy of …,staat