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The Toy House by KC Design Studio, Taipei

Sam Siew Shien

Taiwan firm KC Design Studio has recently refurbished a 50 square meters (about 538 square feet) apartment in the Wanli District, just one the outskirts of Taipei, for two creative people who collect toy figures and LEGO buildings. Therefore, the design required a large space for figure making, as well as show rooms for display and storage. In addition, the owners wished to adopt the mix and match style for their fashion business, so the design merges different structural types and materials. The former reflects on some contract such as minimalist stairline with classic paneled closet. The latter forms a balance between the lively feeling of decorative tiles in warm colors, and the large amount of cold grey closets, plus the neutral materials such as metals to add in more textures. Finally, the flavoring—their personal antique furniture—draws out the atmosphere of holiday house to this mix and match space.

 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-2 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-3 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-4 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-5 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-6 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-7 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-8 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-9 the-toy-house-by-kc-design-studio-taipei-10

all images © Sam Siew Shien