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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Window Blinds that Inspire

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Window Blinds that Inspire

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Curtains are ok, but window blinds and shades are a rage today. All your favorite celebs have them in their homes and are an interior design statement. Getting LA custom blinds is really not that difficult once you know exactly where to look. Read on to find out all about window blinds, the different types, and what to keep in mind before getting one. Happy decorating! 

Why Choose Window Blinds Over Curtains?

Well, simply put, blinds are in today. They are not only prettier than most curtains, but they are also easy to use, low maintenance, and much more functional. And the cherry on top is the sheer variety you get when you shop for one. 

Blinds and shades accentuate the windows in any house. Since windows are a focal point for any room, choosing the right window treatment is crucial. Keep in mind the overall esthetics of the room, your personal style, and the level of functionality you expect from the blinds before deciding on the one.

 The Ultimate Guide to Buying Window Blinds that Inspire

Getting Window Blinds? Follow this Checklist to Buy Right

Here are five things you should keep in mind before buying window blinds.

  • What is your Main Purpose for Getting Blinds?

Do you simply want a blind to make your room look better, or are you looking for some added functionalities like automatic locking or noise reduction? You must answer this question before looking through a catalog. 

  • How Much Blackout or Privacy Do You Need?

Blinds come in a variety of materials that offer different levels of light and noise cancellation. It is wise to invest in complete blackout blinds if you want to use that room as a home theatre. So, please browse through the different types of blinds based on their functionality and pick one that suits you best. 

  • How Safe is the Blind?

When it comes to safety, less is never more. If you have kids or even pets in the house, it is better if you chose cordless options where there are no string cords so that the chances of the whole blind falling over is minimum. Even if you compromise on style, please don’t ignore safety.

  • What is Your Home and Personal Style?

Blinds help accentuate the overall look of the room. So, you should buy them to match your personality and home style. And don’t worry, no matter your style, there are a dozen options to choose from.

  • Is it Easy to Clean and Maintain?

While blinds don’t need any professional cleaning, they can get dusty if not cleaned for a long time. So, keep in mind the maintenance and cleaning needs of the material before saying yes to the blind!

 The Ultimate Guide to Buying Window Blinds that Inspire

Summing Up

If you think getting the house was tough, wait till you have to decorate it. The difference between a house and a home is décor and love and laughter and everything lovely, but first, décor! One of the first things people notice about your home is your windows. After all, they are your touchstone to the outside world. Here’s hoping these tips help you in selecting the best window blind for your house.