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The Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist For 2022 

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Transferring from one place to another is already a confusing and time-consuming process. Moving to a new location includes setting up mail forwarding, changing over facilities, acquiring packing supplies, and getting a vehicle that will facilitate the move.

Since this activity is lengthy, a person who desires a smooth moving experience needs to ensure the procedure’s efficiency. On the other hand, starting over in a new place can be challenging, especially if a person doesn’t have the right tools to help them pack and move.

Hence, individuals planning to transfer should invest in the proper supplies to ensure a smooth moving process. However, since there are thousands of options on various search engine pages, homeowners might find it hard to look for the best materials.

This article provides you with the ultimate moving supplies checklist for 2022.

1. Boxes 

An essential item on the list includes heavy-duty boxes with durable and versatile functionality.  However, you need to evaluate the sizes of the items you’re packing so you can choose boxes accordingly.

Nevertheless, these boxes aren’t one-size-fits-all, so you should avoid overpacking them as they’re inconvenient to transport and might damage personal belongings. For example, if you’re packing delicate clothing items like dresses and suits, you’ll need to purchase wardrobe boxes with integrated metal bars to protect the apparel’s quality.

Moreover, for breakable household appliances, you should buy a dedicated flat-panel TV box and mark which side is the most vulnerable to damage. For packing fragile kitchen items, you must get dish and glassware packing boxes that are double-walled and thick to protect delicate pieces.

Meanwhile, suppose you’re planning to bring photos with you for sentimental reasons. In that case, you must consider providing a cushion or a soft material inside the box to keep the picture frames safe during the move.

For lamps and other delicate lighting fixtures, you can keep them safe by purchasing tall, narrow lamp boxes that will perfectly fit them. For further recommendations, you can search online for a reliable moving and packing service provider like https://www.thebigboymovers.com/locations/north-utah/ or other similar companies to assist you in choosing the right boxes.

2. Insulation And Cushioning 

Unless your item is highly durable and perfectly fits into the moving box, you’ll probably have to provide it with some void fill or cushioning to ensure that everything is intact. Thus, you need to give your items sufficient insulation and cushion before sealing up your moving boxes. This can prevent your belongings from shifting while in transit.

This essential strategy is designed to absorb shock by deforming, crushing, and dampening the impact on the secured item. Some of the best ways to retain the safety of your belongings include wrapping things. Paper, polyfoam, and bubble or corrugated wrap can be used to protect fragile items during shipping.

Furthermore, covering is an excellent option for small- to medium-sized objects that require a little cushioning in the package because it has varying degrees of space-filling functionality. Unfortunately, this activity is done manually and can be somewhat labor-intensive. Hence, you’ll need to ask for some assistance from a friend or a credible service provider.

Meanwhile, a practical alternative for object protection includes loose-fill materials because they’re dumped into a box to fill up extra space around your belongings. Alternatively, you can use crumpled paper or air pillows, which can conform as tightly as the shape of the packaged item while giving better protection against movement.

Moreover, it’s best to consider using blocking materials such as paper padding and moldable foam cushioning to firmly hold heavy and fragile items inside the carton.

 Man Printing Signs For Boxes

3. Packing Tape And Dispensers 

Packing tape is vital in closing and protecting your boxes, while a tape dispenser allows you to pack the cartons without using a pair of scissors or damaging your teeth. Choosing the suitable packing tape and dispenser ensures your packages are all sealed. This also helps them endure lengthy, rough shipping obstacles that might damage your belongings.

In addition, these supplies can also lock your boxes to make them look presentably neat and appear professional in case you’re planning to sell your items in the future. On the other hand, when choosing your moving supplies, you must consider valuable factors to ensure that you can effectively protect each delicate item.

Essentially, you have to evaluate the grade levels of these supplies. They often offer a wide range of holding power and tensile strength that can successfully accommodate the varying adhesive thickness of the film.

As you assess the effectiveness of packaging tapes, you also need to consider the application method. For example, if you’re using it manually, it includes vital features like unwinding and strong film backing. Meanwhile, if you’re using a machine, you can take advantage of easy unwinding and reduced breakage of tapes.

4. Heavy-Duty Trash Bags 

Another thing you need to have while packing your belongings is plenty of trash bags. Whether you need a bag for donations or to get rid of stuff you’ll no longer use, these supplies will help eliminate the clutter inside the rooms. As a result, you’ll only need your essential things instead of getting another box to handle unnecessary items, which is a cost-efficient strategy.

You can use garbage bags to pack up your children’s room by putting all the non-breakable toys and stuffed animals inside. This is to help you quickly locate the items once you arrive at your destination.

Alternatively, you can use these supplies to transport plants by securing a bag around their bases. Doing so will help you avoid getting dirt all over your car. You won’t have to clean it once you unpack it at your new place.

On the other hand, garbage bags with ties will give you a more effective seal. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about liquid stuff spilling out in the back of the vehicle during the move. On the other hand, you shouldn’t pack sharp, flammable, or toxic items in a garbage bag.

Meanwhile, it would be best if you had large trash bags to move larger and lighter items like sheets, blankets, pillows, and clothing on hangers. Also, you can buy sealable plastic bags with a separate band for segregating minor stuff like beads, jewelry, toothbrushes, smartphones, electronic gadgets, and shelving brackets.

5. Labeling Supplies 

Putting clear and accurate labels on every box and bag is essential because doing so prevents heavy items from breaking the delicate and smaller ones. Additionally, this also saves time and money in the long run.

Since transferring to a different neighborhood is stressful and time-consuming, most homeowners want to rush the process by skipping box labeling. While doing so speeds up the moving journey, it can cause severe issues during the move, forcing the individual to pay for other additional costly expenses.

Meanwhile, you may begin the unpacking activity by adding clear labels on all your bags, boxes, and containers to make moving a total breeze. It would help if you had easy-to-read markers to write directly on the package or color-coded stickers to indicate location and type.

Next, you have to mark fragile items. Use arrows to denote which way to handle the box, and list every item in each box under the room label. Regardless of your preferred method, you must be consistent by labeling multiple sides of the box so you can instantly recognize them once you start unpacking it.

As a result, labeling boxes will help you identify where you place your breakables. This also prevents your most treasured items from breaking by reminding the movers to handle them with extra care.

In addition, this strategy is time-efficient because you won’t have to spend more time digging through box after box. You can easily find precisely what you’re looking for by reading the label.

6. Moving Blanket 

A moving blanket is an essential packaging supply that gives outstanding heavy-duty support to keep your large furniture items clean and free from damage during the move. These supplies are usually made of cotton and polyester mesh material. This gives these items the power to reduce the chances of the objects bumping into other delicate belongings.

Wrapped objects could benefit from the extra level of protection. This ensures that every item that goes through the moving process arrives at the destination scratch-free. Nevertheless, you can find a wide variety of moving blankets available on the market. Hence, it’s best to evaluate your needs before taking a trip to the store and purchasing one that interests you.

Meanwhile, you should consider getting woven polyester if you need a blanket with sufficient strength and tear resistance. On the other hand, if you need one that has softer quality without sacrificing durability and resistance, you may invest in cotton-polyester blends.

Key Takeaway  

As an individual who’s about to move soon, you need to ensure the success of the packing and moving process by having the right resources at hand without spending too much cash.

Therefore, you should consider following these moving supplies checklist. Once you have these valuable materials, you can have a smoother moving experience, speeding up your transition to your destination.