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The Wings Sculptures by Libeskind at Expo 2015

Hufton + Crow

Situated in the heart of the Expo Site, four 10 meter-high (33 ft.) shimmering tree-like sculptures designed by architectural Studio Libeskind, glitter with animations anchor the four corners of the Expo’s Piazza Italia. Conceived as gates each structure’s dynamic form spiral out of the ground and spread into two branches spanning 10 meters over the square. Crafted out of brushed aluminium and fitted with innovative LED technology, the “Wings” will animate the public space with a constant flow of pulsating patterns and imagery related to the theme of the Expo: health, energy, sustainability and technology.


The sculptures are a seamless combination between dynamic art and technical innovation that use animation created by London-based design firm Immersive to symbolically draw the movements created by future trends on the sculptures.

Immersive’s animations bloom and grow to add an organic element to the steel structures using a particle stylization inspired by atoms. As the bases for all technology and life on this planet, these tiny particles make up everything that is the focus of Expo 2015.

the-wings-sculptures-by-daniel-libeskind-for-expo-milano-2015-3 the-wings-sculptures-by-daniel-libeskind-for-expo-milano-2015-4 the-wings-sculptures-by-daniel-libeskind-for-expo-milano-2015-5 the-wings-sculptures-by-daniel-libeskind-for-expo-milano-2015-6

all images © Hufton + Crow / video courtesy of Immersive