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They Deserve It — What Is Worth Spending Money On In The Interior?

They Deserve It — What Is Worth Spending Money On In The Interior?

At any repair, the question of budget optimization arises. About where savings are meaningless and what it’s worth spending money on in the interior, we will tell you in detail in our article. 

Floor Covering

We will consider two options: a wooden board and natural stone tiles.   

A wooden board – An imitation board made of natural wood will look cheap and unsightly. I advise to choose a parquet with a pronounced wood structure. An engineering board with knots will also look good. A real wooden floor is stylish, effective and environmentally friendly.  

Variety of tiles – Flooring and wall decoration is an excellent solution – tiles made of natural stone or porcelain tiles. You can save money and take tiles of domestic production, you can take tiles of higher quality, foreign. Such tiles will be laid evenly, without gaps. You should not save money on this. 

I also recommend natural stone as a finishing, for example, shale, which is equivalent to inexpensive Italian tiles in terms of cost. So, shale will give you the opportunity to save money. 


A good and varied light scenario makes the atmosphere. But this is not the only reason why you do not need to save money on lighting. First of all, high-quality lighting fixtures are not replaceable for a long time and serve up to ten years. Secondly, expensive LED luminaires, in contrast to conventional ones, will pay off after a while, because they consume less electricity.  


Plumbing definitely does not tolerate savings. Choose well-known brands and brands by your friends’ recommendations or reviews on the Internet. A quality toilet and bathtub will last you for years without repair, so you can save your budget.  

 They Deserve It — What Is Worth Spending Money On In The Interior?


You should pay attention to both upholstered and cabinet furniture. It is worth paying attention to the choice of furniture. Consider the different options. Upholstered furniture In addition to choosing a sofa or an armchair by its appearance, find out which frame is installed inside, which fabric covers the desired object. And, of course, find out at once the price from the suppliers. Isn’t your sofa overrated? Some furniture factories can make a sofa according to your photos or sketches. Thus, while looking for office furniture in Orlando you can become the owner of a copy of the designer furniture object without overpaying for the original Italian sofa or chair.  

But on a good sofa, too, you should not save too much. First, the cheap frame is short-lived and subject to breakdowns. Secondly, there is a risk that the sofa cushions will pass quickly. Here you can save money either on the facade or on the frame. For example, the ideal solution would be domestic cuisine with fittings from Europe. I categorically do not recommend saving on fittings. Kitchen cabinets increase their service life due to fittings.

Electronic Systems 

Very useful are: life security and fire alarms, leak detectors, “Smart Home” system, intercom. Obviously, it is not worth saving on all this. First of all, quality fire and security alarm systems guarantee your safety. Secondly, good leak detectors will save you from unexpected expenses. Thirdly, the system “Smart Home” can be brought to your smartphone, which will save you personal time. More expensive analogs of all the above systems, you can also output to any gadget to keep abreast of home events, even from a distance. Think how to optimize your budget so as not to waste money, time and nerves on repairing individual pieces of interior. With a competent investment, you won’t even have to think about repairing for a long time.