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Tincan Temporary Restaurant in Soho by AL_A, London

During the London Design Festival, local architecture studio AL_A has unveiled Tincan, a six month restaurant project in Soho, serving the best tinned seafood in the world. While designing a new cultural centre in Lisbon, the AL_A team discovered a former fishing tackle shop, which was transformed into a tiny, vibrant restaurant serving only tinned seafood. What started as lunch quickly became an idea, and subsequently a new project.


Tincan elevates the tin to an object of desire in an environment designed by AL_A, which offers 30 different tins, all of the highest quality seafood, to eat in the restaurant or to buy in the shop.

Working with their collaborators, AL_A have designed lights to showcase LG’s OLED technology, a wafer thin light source, stackable aluminium stools and tables made by Iduna of Portugal, and walls in black Corian as a backdrop to display the iconography of the packaging.


The idea is very compelling: no kitchen, the finest tinned seafood delicacies, super healthy, and great graphics with the tin as the hero. Tincan is now open at 7 Upper James Street, W1F 9DH.

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