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Tinnie 10 Side by Side Vessel by JRuiter

Dean Van Dis

Designed by Joey Ruiter of JRuiter + Studio from thick, lightweight, powder-coated aluminum, the Tinnie 10 Side by Side Vessel features a sharp, triangular shape. Measuring ten feet in length with a weight of just 173 lbs, the Tinnie 10 Side by Side Vessel accommodates two adults side by side on the Xorel-upgolstered seat. Other features include a floor made from planks of white oak, and a 6hp 4-stroke or electric motor.

Award winning and globally acclaimed designer, Joey Ruiter pushes through the boundaries of the norm and finds new ways to solve problems which leads to products that are as useful as they are jaw dropping. He has the ability to see around the expected and to notice the unexpected in otherwise ordinary things. He can’t wait to strip a machine down to the bare parts so that he can start over. From office furniture makers and power boaters to urban fashionistas, Ruiter helps businesses redefine and reintroduce their products to the design-savvy public who is always ready for something new.

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