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Tips for Parents to Control Device Usage in Kids with Parental Control App

Tips for Parents to Control Device Usage in Kids with Parental Control App

There are plenty of things to look for when handing over a smart device to your kid. In this digital era, you cannot give freehand to your kids to use devices without any restriction or invigilation. When they are feeling like going online, you can’t stop them but there should be some limits.

The endless content and entertainment available on the internet is a great deal-breaker for kids to spend time without any purpose. The addiction to screens and spending countless time on screen comes with a price. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the ways in which you can control the device usage in kids without doing much.

Approach Kids and Teach them some Ethics

Giving the device away for socializing, texting, surfing, and gaming is not appropriate. Make sure that you tell the rules and regulations to use device and spending time on screen. For instance, the kids should be instructed about how to use device at any particular time. Moreover, the parents should put restrictions on using devices during bedtime, homework and dinner time. Moreover, ethics should be taught to kids so that they know how to pay attention when someone is talking.

Disable WIFI when Kids Exceed the Limits

Most of the time, kids are all attached to screen while playing games and surfing online. They don’t really care about what time is being consumed. In order to distract kids from screens, it is a good idea to disconnect WIFI.

In case kids are going for sleep, don’t allow them to use mobile devices as it may disrupt their sleep. When it comes to dinner, every family member should be present at the table rather than looking busy on the mobile device. If you want to reduce screen time and develop a family bond, there is no better way to do it.

Install Parental Control App

It is not always possible to have a watch on your kids. In your absence, they might take the leverage to use devices as much as they like. In order to monitor and track their activities, the best approach is to install parental control app like FamilyTime.

 Tips for Parents to Control Device Usage in Kids with Parental Control App

The app comes with handy features that allow parents to take the controls in their hands. Some of the notable features of FamilyTime include:

  • Limit Screen time on both android and iOS devices
  • SMS Monitoring and Call Tracking
  • SOS Panic Alerts
  • Block addictive apps and games

Involve in other Activities

The digital world is all about being addicted, but that does not mean you should not take part in offline activities. Most of the kids like to spend time on screens which might hinder their physical exercise. The best way to limit screen time is to engage your kids in other activities like a workout, swimming, playing basketball or any such activity that involves physical work. It would help your child to grow physically and mentally. All of the above tips would help parents to limit screen time and prevent kids from being obese.