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Tips to Create a Stylish, Pet-Friendly Home

Dog-friendly house

Being a pet parent means you receive endless cuddles, emotional support, and unconditional love that stave off social isolation. A recent research by Forbes discloses that 66 percent of U.S. households own a pet. With 65.1 million U.S. households owning a dog, no wonder it’s the most popular pet. Around 46.5 million households own a cat. 

In Tennessee alone, 61.7 percent of residents own a pet. Around 30.9 percent own a cat, whereas 47 percent raise a dog. 

Earlier, homeowners rarely thought of designing a pet-friendly home. But fast forward to today, pet parents are thinking of ways to create their home a safe haven for their fur babies. Are you too among them? Then, dive in to learn how you can create a stylish home that is pet-friendly. 

1. Create a Pet Zone

Will your home really be a pet-friendly space if there is no area designated for pet supplies? Not really. Just like you would create a small section for storing umbrellas, coats, and other outdoor gear, designate a little portion of your home to pets. 

Arrange all your pet supplies in one corner of your home. That way, your pet supplies will remain organized in one place, and you won’t have trouble finding them. After all, nothing’s worse than running here and there looking for the right harness, poop bags, treats, and leash bags when you need them. 

Of all the areas of your home, the front door will be the best spot to dedicate to pet supplies, as you can grab and go out whenever they insist. 

Dog-friendly house

2. Opt for Furniture That Will Conceal Their Hair

Cats and dogs, especially if their breed sheds hair, will leave a mark on your home furnishings. Don’t be embarrassed, for we’ve got a solution: choose furniture pieces that will conceal your fur baby’s shedding hair. 

If your fur kid is of light color, go with light-colored furniture pieces. Opt for darker furnishings if your baby is of dark color. Your furniture will hide the shedding that takes place in between vacuumings. 

As far as fabrics are concerned, your best bet will be performance fabric. These easy-to-clean and durable fabrics are made for action, comments Head Springs Depot. Next time your fur baby jumps onto your sofa with muddy paws, you won’t have to break a sweat to clean the marks. 

Especially in Franklin, a city in Tennessee ranked as the second most-friendly pet place in SafeWise’s recent research, finding performance fabric won’t be troublesome. Just googling the best pet-friendly furniture stores in Franklin, TN, will bring forth tons of options.

Do you know what’s the best thing about furniture stores in Tennessee? They deliver to almost all cities within the state, so you can order them from the comfort of your home. 

Aside from performance fabric, leather is an excellent option for homes with pets because it is highly durable and easy to clean. Make sure you search for real leather because the market is flooded with faux leather furnishings. Faux leather is so similar to real leather that differentiating between the two is difficult. 

3. Say No to Rugs or Carpets

Carpets and rugs, especially handwoven ones, can add life to a lackluster space. While they enhance the beauty of your home, they could also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Wondering how? These surfaces collect hair just like furniture. 

Besides pet fur and dander, carpets and rugs collect stains. Cleaning them is a task in itself. That is why we advise you to avoid rugs and carpets. 

Instead, choose a flooring surface that is easy to clean and blends well with the interior of your space. Wood, laminate, and tiles are excellent flooring options for pet-friendly homes. If you’re concerned about scratches, wood flooring with natural texturing will be great. For homes that are excessively warm in summer, opting for tiles will be the best bet. Your pet will appreciate the coolness of the tiles after playing outdoors during the daytime. 

If you still wish to use rugs to add a decorative touch to your space, area rugs will serve the purpose. Just make sure to go for those made of natural fibers like jute or sisal, as these are both pet-friendly and durable. Such rugs are highly versatile, as they do more than just add warmth to your space. These rugs protect your flooring and provide a comfortable spot for pets to rest. 

Wrapping Up

Ready to create a stylish, pet-friendly home where your beloved fur baby is happy and safe? It doesn’t matter whether you own a small 2BHK home or a villa, these tips will come in handy for homes of all sizes. Revamping the entire design of your home can feel overwhelming, so begin slowly. Start by creating a pet zone, upgrade furniture, and then move to the flooring and ta-da! Your pet-friendly home is all set. 

Images courtesy of Joe Fletcher and Megan Taylot