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Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy


It’s important to have active social media presence if you own the business. Social networks are new native advertising for many businesses. When you are promoting business offers with the newspapers or billboards, then you are living under the cave. Social networks are getting billions of impressions daily and Instagram is one of the biggest apps. Currently, Instagram is getting more than 800 million active users. More than 500 million users spend a minimum 1 minute on Instagram. 1 minute is enough for every business to get attention from the regular Instagram users. Today we will share with you the tips to improve Instagram marketing strategy.

 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Increase the Followings

You can increase the followings of the account without any problem. There is a popular trend on Instagram for the last few years. It’s free and you can use it anytime. That trend is called ‘Follow 4 Follow”. It means that you follow other Instagram users and they follow you back. It’s not working properly every time or in every niche but you can use it successfully. If you follow 100 Instagram users, you’ll get 30-40 followers back. It means that the ‘follow 4 follow’ trend is getting you a 30-40% follow back rate. You can get more followers if you invest a little bit. You can buy cheap Instagram followers and start the journey with a decent number of followers.

Post Content on Regular Basis

Instagram algorithm grants Instagram accounts with more organic reach if they stay consistent. Posting images and videos on Instagram consistently means a lot for the followers’ base. We don’t say that you need to post many times every day. You should check the data from the business options. You’ll see perfect time for posting. “Perfect timing” means that time when you get more free organic reach. It’s important to post images and videos on those particular times.