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Tokujin Yoshioka’s KOU-AN Glass Tea House


Tokujin Yoshioka has released first images of his KOU-AN Glass Tea House, a clear glass installation exhibited at Seiryu-den, on a magnificent platform at Shogunzuka mound in Kyoto. Originally, the culture of Tea Ceremony was generated in the microcosmic space which is closed. The project KOU-AN Glass Tea House is not just a moderni-zed tea house that was evolved from traditional style tea house but a project that traces origin of the culture which is peculiar to Japan.


Tokujin considers that the important thing for tracing the “origin” is perceiving the time that is created along with nature. The perception indicates to be released by superficial designs, to integrate with nature and to sense the light itself. KOU-AN does not have a scroll nor flowers that are supposed to be provided in traditional tea houses. However, glitters that reminds of ripples on surface of water spreads out on the floor. Also, at some point in the afternoon, there will be rainbow lights which is created by sunlights and a prism glass and it decorates the tea house as if there is a flower of light.


In A.D.794, A japanese emperor at the time visited Shogunzuka and he was convinced that Kyoto would be a right place to be a capital of Japan and started constructing the capital. Thus, Shogunzuka in a precinct of Shoren-in temple in Kyoto is a place where the city of Kyoto which symbolizes Japanese cultures.

Starting this project from such a historical place, Tokujin is planning a traveling exhibition all over the world with the aim of providing people new experiences through the project and by producing works that make us think of origins of Japanese culture.

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all images courtesy of TOKUJIN YOSHIOKA