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TOKYO TEY Sushi Store in Poznań by mode:lina

mode:lina architekci

Polish firm mode:lina has designed Tokyo Tey, the very first sushi store of Poznań, Poland. The designers chose a minimalist and transparent look exposing entire supply of the shop as well as get a sneak peek at sushi master at work through a glazed mezzanine. The colour scheme is inspired by the colours of traditional sushi rolls, black and white with a stripe of colourful triangles coherent with brand’s visual identity.

The triangular motive can be also spotted on illuminated counter with a white steel white truss above and bright ceiling lamps. The counter is not function only. It is a sculptural eye catcher seen by passers by through a large storefront. White steel plates are divided by a light pattern reflecting effectively in a polished concrete floor.

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all images courtesy of mode:lina architekci