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Toledano+architects Refurbishes a Duplex Penthouse Apartment in Tel Aviv

Oded Smadar

This duplex penthouse apartment with a big roof terrace in Tel Aviv was completely refurbished by local firm Toledano+architects for a family with children who wanted a chic and playful interior. The use of wood, concrete and black metal creates a contemporary yet warm living space.

The kids room was created as a playground integrating a desk, a blackboard, book shelves, beds, a wood cabin, closets and so on to encourage creativity. The kids have their own wood and color house within the big apartment. On the other hand, the parents have their master suite, separated from the rest of the duplex with a minimal walk in closet, a fully beton covered bathroom and a master bedroom.


The hanging metal stairs articulate all the space creating very graphic shadows through the space. The whole house is very modular, providing every space with several functions according to the time of the day or the occasion.


The exterior was designed as the extension of the interior with a big wood pergola all over it and lots of plants since in Tel Aviv, the weather allows to use it more than 9-10 months a year. The wide wood pergola creates a frame to the skyline of Tel Aviv and the glass handrails allow the view to be part of the apartment and to erase boundaries between inside and outside.

Teak wood was used to create lines that never end, changing direction and going up and down to become benches, plant pots, an outdoor kitchen, a swing or a bar.

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all images © Oded Smadar