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Top 3 Most Popular Garage Door Materials: Steel, Wood Or Fiberglass?

Top 3 Most Popular Garage Door Materials: Steel, Wood Or Fiberglass?

Garage doors are an essential component to the home because we use them as the main entry point, even more so than the front door. The garage door is not only an imperative security feature for the home but it can also boost the value of your property. If you install a high-end garage door, this can significantly boost the curb appeal of your home. The garage door can distinguish your home from other homes in the neighborhood. Garage doors installation ranges from $500-800 on average up to $3000 on custom-built garages designed to your tastes and specifications.

Garage doors differ by the operational design and the most common ones are retractable, canopy and hinged sectional retractable. If you have limited space in the driveway, the smartest choice is a sectional garage door. Sectional doors can open and close vertically, which saves you space because you don’t have to move a car every time you want to open the door. Let’s look at the garage door installation below.

New Types Of Garage Doors

We said goodbye to manual doors. In the old days, people had to open the garage by hand. New garages are remote-controlled and they utilize motorized doors that make the garage more usable. Currently, the most popular style is the overhead garage door. If you’re on the market for a new garage door, it’s not about the type of garage door but more so the material that will determine the price you pay.

Certain materials last longer or erode mode easily, which makes them cheaper or more expensive. There is also the thermal insulation aspect, as certain materials are better for insulation which keeps heat inside the home. The most common materials for garages in the US are steel, wood, and fiberglass. We’ll take a look at each one in-depth below.

Why Get Overhead Garage Doors

The most popular garage doors by far all throughout the United States are overhead garage doors. They have features such as ‘Automatic Stop & Begin’ which make them easy to use and they come with a number of optional security upgrades.

Overhead garage doors operate on a rolling system. In essence, the door starts rolling up and stores along the top of the garage, absorbing the panel. The main things you want as a buyer are quietness, compactness and smooth closing. To install a new garage you should hire a professional team.

 Top 3 Most Popular Garage Door Materials: Steel, Wood Or Fiberglass?

The Most Common Types of Garage Door Materials

1) Steel Garage Doors

The most common material used for garage doors across the US is steel. It’s easy to see why! Steel doesn’t warp, crack or dismantle due to weather conditions. Steel doors are also very low-maintenance and require no painting or furnishing over the long term. The worst thing that can happen to a steel door is rusting, which can easily be sanded in a matter of minutes. There are popular steel materials such as galvanized steel which never rusts. Optionally, steel can be made stylish and achieve the look of wood without the necessary maintenance. The most popular design imitating the look of a carriage house has been trendy for decades. Certain manufacturers will use vinyl boards to enhance the aesthetic value of steel and make the door more appealing.

In terms of quality, the most expensive steel doors will have 24-gauge steel and extra insulation. On average, those doors are 2″ thick and virtually impenetrable. More economical steel doors will use 28-gauge steel which is still weather-resistant but doesn’t have the insulation properties of 24-gauge steel.

2) Wooden Garage Doors

Wood garages doors are utilized for the aesthetic factor and affordability. They are very attractive and easy to maintain because owners can easily re-paint wood with a new finish every few years to keep it in top shape. Wood material choices abound such as solid cedar which is the most durable and will easily last years. In terms of roll-up wood doors, you can choose from the panel or flush construction.

If you opt for the panel, the manufacturer usually combines rectangular-shaped panels in a wooden frame. The flush designs are made by attaching plywood panels on a wooden frame. The only disadvantage to wooden doors is that they’re not the most durable as the wood can expand or shrink with prolonged water contact. This makes it more prone to cracking as it ages.

3) Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass doors are not very common and they are usually used in coastal states that have salty ocean climates. Fiberglass doors are sometimes referred to as GRP doors. They are extremely high quality and low-maintenance, requiring only minor external cleaning to keep them in top shape. Fiberglass is a premium material that is extremely tough and aesthetic-looking.