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Top 3 Trends Every Design Student Should Know

As technology advances and automation enters most creative subjects, design students often feel stuck with inspiring ideas and solutions that would fit the demands. It is one of the reasons why there are so many online courses that offer design skills and tips. Still, even the best instructor always follows the trends because once something is in great demand, an average designer should be aware of specific techniques and the ways how to meet the requests. It does not mean that there is no place for creativity or that every offered project should be lost in futuristic vibes. On the contrary, seek a healthy balance where retro stylistic of what has worked well in the past mixes with technological innovations of things that make the latest news. After all, the key is to never ignore available options, so there is a personal voice of a designer in every little detail. 

Regardless of what your design field is, keep things visual and make every project vivid with the addition of contrasting elements that catch the eye. Even if the general idea has dull tones to it, visual marketing techniques should motivate the audience to talk about good or bad things instead of just walking away. While it may sound like a critique, there is no bad publicity per se when it comes to the latest design trends. Once the design content inspires and includes at least one of the top trends, it has sufficient potential to become successful and even set the new rules.  

  • Minimalistic design is not a failure. The secret to this popular design trend for students in 2020 is in excessive use of smartphones with the small screens where every logo or the GUI has to be clear and always to the point. While not everyone may remember monochrome monitors of the past with the first video games, they have set a good example of how minimalistic graphic skills can be memorable and unique. There is a lot of technical work with such solutions since the designer has to adjust each element to various screen resolutions, amounts of light, and the free space as the end-user scrolls through the page.  
  • Open composition designs. Another latest top trend is going beyond the frame and creative limits or not using the frame at all. Think about larger than life visuals to impress the viewers as they do it in modern commercials where the fancy car drives through the beautiful scenery or a person seen standing on top of the mountain. Even if it seems like an overused cliche and is not groundbreaking any longer, there is no practical limit to inspiration or the use of unusual objects. The good thing about this is that you can use several design techniques in one and combine the elements from more than one project. As they say, the sky is the limit! 

Now before moving towards the third popular trend that each student pursuing a design degree must check out, it is crucial to mention the problem of free time and getting all the homework done before deadlines. It is no secret that good design projects take time. Once there is some task in the way that has to be completed on time, all the creativity often fades away. Do not let it happen to you because once the inspiration strikes, there is all assignment help for Australian students. No doubt, doing your homework is always important, yet following one’s creative juices matters even more important in finding an inner voice and reaching success. The key is to hear what your heart tells you and always challenge yourself. 

  • Authenticity matters. Be it stock photography or a leaflet about how children must behave in a kindergarten, it is crucial to keep things authentic. Since design students always fear to get things overused or being trapped in plagiarism, the only solution that has already become a popular trend is using stock photography and DIY elements. In practice, it is taking pictures that are unique with some handwork that can be used as the macro objects for logos, visuals or 3D modeling. 

 Top 3 Trends Every Design Student Should Know

The Art of Collaboration 

Every skilled designer will tell you that learning from others is one of the best lessons they have mastered in their career. Of course, there is always competition, court trials or accusations of plagiarism even in colleges, yet collaboration and good nature teamwork can make wonders. Moreover, even if the target topic is relatively unknown to you, it is always possible to seek for ideas via topicsmill and find out more about what is suitable for a particular subject or a discipline. After all, even with several people working at some design concept, it is crucial to meet the demands of those who will use it. Engineering design should not always be rocket science, same as cereals commercial is not always around kids. Explore different concepts, take pictures of what inspires you, build strong social skills, and you will always know what modern society asks for! 



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