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Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Social Life Active During Corona Lockdown

Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Social Life Active During Corona Lockdown

We are living in unprecedented times, with everyone having to play a role in maintaining effective protection against the Corona outbreak. This has impacted how we work or study, with lockdown enforcing remote communication, while distancing has greatly restricted our social lives. While this whole situation can be disheartening, we can all take advantage of different ways of doing things, especially when it comes to socializing. Here are the top four ways you can keep an active social life during the lockdown.

Join an online dating site

What better way could there be to boost your social life in these downbeat times than introducing a spark of love? If you hadn’t embraced virtual matchmaking before the pandemic, perhaps you had friends who kept recommending  this site or that app – online platforms where you could interact with other singles, and all from the comfort of your own home. Now is the time to sign up for one of these sites, and there are so many to choose from. You can read comprehensive reviews about different dating platforms on this website and make your choice. Many offer free registration, allowing you to explore the functionality before commitment. What they all have in common is they provide a secure environment where you can meet potential partners and start flirting.

Start a book group

It’s all too tempting to stagnate in front of our TV screens or computers when our daily routines have become curtailed. This is why it’s so important to keep your mind occupied. Whether you love reading celebrity biographies, escaping into parallel universes with fantasy novels, or a million other topics, books have long been a passport into entire dimensions of intrigue and imagination. It can be so much more fun when you do so with friends. Perhaps you’ve already participated in book group discussions, where you agree a particular title to read and then enthuse about with your buddies? Instead of popping round to someone’s house and doing so over coffees or a glass of wine, now you can do this online. Often discussions about the book itself can become secondary to a good catch-up, and your chat can be enlivened by the refreshments!

 Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Social Life Active During Corona Lockdown

Exercise with your friends

One of the biggest downsides of the lockdown has been the way leisure centers have had to close their doors. Trapped at home for lengthy periods, there has been a temptation to succumb to the allure of convenience foods, unhealthy alcohol habits, and generally letting ourselves go. But staying in shape is something you can easily accomplish without pricey gym memberships, and like those book groups, the fun can be communal. Again, using technology like Zoom, you can participate in keep-fit sessions, working out to whatever routines take your fancy (there are plenty to choose from after you’ve popped ‘online exercising’ into your search engine.) And because you’re doing this in the presence of others, there will be less temptation to sneak off to the fridge as you might occasionally be known to do when training on your own.

Zoom party like it’s 2019!

Video-conferencing has revolutionized working practices, with seminars being hosted via computers, and the same technology has allowed us to keep socializing. You can use any excuse for gathering the gang – anything from gin-tasting to quizzing – then you can interact in real-time. Just like the gatherings you might have always looked forward to before the pandemic, these online meetings are always relaxed affairs, with participants free to come and go as they please. Prince had the massive hit single about parting like it was 1999 – all you need do is cast your mind back to last year!