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Top 5 Things to Improve Home Value

Top 5 Things to Improve Home Value

On some factors when it comes to increasing our home value, we cannot influence, like its location. But adding square footage, making your home more efficient, upgrading the bathroom or the kitchen, boiler repairs, these are just some of the ways that can help you in increasing your house value. When you are thinking about increasing home value, keep your expectations in reality.

Let’s take a brief insight into the top 5 things to improve home value:

1 – Make your home more attractive

First of all, it is all about curb appeal. Think, what’s the first thing you notice when you pull over somewhere? It is curb appeal of the building, right? This is directly related to what kind of the first impression we will make. Your home exterior has to look attractive, so a potential buyer wants to walk through your front door. Make sure your landscaping is maintained. Do not let it look dull in comparison with other neighbours.

 Top 5 Things to Improve Home Value

2 – Kitchen and bathroom appliances

As the kitchen and bathrooms have the most mechanical systems, such as electrical and plumbing, they have the highest chances of damage. So if you have any damaged appliances, fix them, including boiler repairs and heating systems. New devices can be extremely expensive, so it is advised to maintain your devices and when they break down to repair them.

3- Make it more efficient

Energy conservation features are one of the most significant things that have a huge impact on home value. You can think about double-paned windows, LED lighting, enhanced attic insulation, efficient appliances, etc. If you have enough financial meanings, put solar panels on the top of your roof. Schedule your assessment with a reliable and certified builders North London to see what your home exactly needs.

4 – Make your home low-maintenance

Many people who are buying a new home worry about constant maintenance and fixing components, try to deal with this part before putting up your home for a sale. Improvements that make your home easy to clean and maintain are really important. You can achieve this by replacing carpet that is subject to staining with hardwood floors, or you can replace high maintenance wood siding with way better vinyl siding. Trust All Division Building for any home improvement related work at an affordable price.


5- Paint still matters

Paint protects and keeps your home looking its best. This way, you protect your surface from wear and tear, and other elements. As we pointed out at the very beginning, when you pull over, the first thing you notice is the look of the building. What would be your first impression if you need to enter a serious company whose paint has faded and the facade is neglected? Exactly!

The takeaway

We are sincerely aware that you have other living expenses, so you probably want to do everything at the lowest possible price, so we strongly recommend you to always ask what is the fastest and cheapest way to achieve all of this. For those who are not financially tightened, check to whom you will give your trust, the quality of service is always in the first place!