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Top 5 Tips for Decorating With Canvas Prints

Top 5 Tips for Decorating With Canvas Prints

Displaying artwork has become increasingly popular in homes and corporate offices. Since a stretched canvas prints projects the image printed on it as if it was from an art gallery, it makes the subjects jump out of the wall creating a fantastic depth.

However, today with so many options to choose from, deciding which style of canvas prints to order and decorate your walls can turn out pretty overwhelming. We bring you five ways to help you decorate your canvas artwork that can aesthetically complement your room without having to worry about what kind of furniture you have in your space.

Bring Out the Theme/Mood of Your Room

Understanding your room’s purpose helps you choose the right custom canvas prints to display in that space. Is the room your bedroom or used for dining? Is the space used for relaxing or studying? Is the room large, narrow, or just small? Asking such questions will help you determine the type of canvas prints needed for that room.

The Psychology Behind Colors

Everyone knows that cool colors are calming while warm colors can burst with energy or excitement. This is why kids’ rooms are usually pastel yellow, blue, or green to make you feel bubbly. So if you have an office room to decorate, try blue to contrast the fast-paced life. For a quiet retreat room, mellow colors like green or beige can do wonders.

Landscapes Open Up Small Rooms

Distant horizons, greenery, and sunsets on canvas art are an excellent way to open up smaller spaces visually. Such photos on canvas can act as an extra ‘window’ in a small room, giving it a more extensive feel to the overall space.

 Top 5 Tips for Decorating With Canvas Prints

Canvas Size Depends on Wall Size

Choosing the right size of canvas prints for your wall matters very much. Can you imagine a huge canvas in a narrow room or a small canvas print in a large room? Large canvas sizes in a small room will only make it too overwhelming and make the room look suffocated. On the other hand, a small canvas print in a large room will make a face feel too empty.

One way to get the right size for your room and on your desired wall is by putting up square or rectangular boxes on the wall with a painter’s tape. You can even tape papers or poster boards to help you get the idea of what kind of size would look great in your rooms.

Best Choice Depends on the Purpose of Its Artwork

The most popular canvas styles are standard wraps, gallery wraps, framed canvas prints, and triptychs. While any image on each of these canvas styles looks stunning, you need to decide what your artwork will give to the room.

If you have a family photo, then a standard wrap will display warmth and love in a better way. If you have abstract artwork, it will look better in a triptych than on a gallery wrap.

CanvasChamp can help you design your photos on canvas within minutes. With these ideas, you can create any artwork as a masterpiece on canvas prints for your home, office, or commercial space through our easy-to-use design tool available on our website. Visit the website and avail of fantastic discounts and offers today!