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Top 7 College Tips for Writing an Essay

Top 7 College Tips for Writing an Essay

During college, every student is required to write an essay as a part of their academic work. It has often been found that the students do not understand the proper structure of the essay. In such a situation essay writing service Canada can help the students in completing their assignments.

Read Prompt

Before beginning the essay, read the instructions carefully and note the essential points. Depending on the situation, you are writing to adopt the right tone. For instance, if you are writing an essay for a college essay, then your tone needs to be more personal. You need to reflect on your personal experiences to increase your chances of getting admission in your preferred college. It is the best paper writing advice you can get to achieving your desired goals. Every prompt written on the paper can be different as the colleges require the students to discuss the critical traits of their personality. After reading all the instructions, you can break them into different parts. Make sure that your essay answers all the questions mentioned in the prompt with examples and detailed explanation. 


After identifying the different parts involved in the essay, you can then brainstorm different ideas. It is better to write all the points on a Microsoft Word file or paper. As you develop different points for your essay, pick the best ideas that meet all the requirements. Also, you need to research the topic and identify whether enough information is available on the subject.  Download all the research papers that you will use in your essay. It will save you time as you will not have to search on the topic again and again. Write all the details about the topic from the given instructions provided. Then you can start crafting a rough draft of your essay. You can apply these college tips in writing your next essay. It will make you stand out from others as you will logically present your ideas.

Tell Story

If you are writing an extended essay, then you will have to focus on storytelling. Some colleges might ask you for answering why you are the best candidate for the degree program and similar questions. To engage your reader’s right, you can focus on telling your experiences in the first-person form. Your audiences can relate to the story you are referring to in the essay. On the other hand, if you are required to write a narrative essay, you can still showcase your creativity and personality. Your storytelling should have significant moments which keeps the interest of the reader. For instance, you can talk about the different challenges faced by you throughout your life. Mention the steps you have taken for overcoming them. You can apply these tips for college essay for achieving the desired results


By following useful essay writing tips, you can improve your skills with time. In a college essay, the main focal point is on self-reflection and explaining your experiences. With each prompt, there are specific questions, but you can get an opportunity to reflect on your past experiences. Your logical thinking capabilities are tested as you write an essay. The admission officers check how you present your ideas and the lessons you have learned from your previous experiences. With your writing, the examiner examines whether you can contribute to the community and campus environment positively. You can also be asked to write on annotated bibliography topics like human rights, feminism and healthcare reforms. 

 Top 7 College Tips for Writing an Essay

Be Yourself

The college writing tips can help you in understanding how the arguments can be presented logically. Your personality traits must be reflected in your essay as you explain the different experiences. You do not need to write about an epic adventure or experience. Even a simple life experience like a holiday vacation can demonstrate your writing skills. Also, you need to explain about the life lessons you learned from your previous experiences. It will create a substantial impact on the mind of the reader as you mention the different details. You need to be honest and truthful about your experiences as exaggerating on the topic will not help you. The admission officer judges the ability of the candidate in presenting and concisely communicating the ideas. You should present your story in a unique way which differentiates you from the other candidates. In this scenario, you will have to link your personal experiences with the topic. 

Write Drafts

The best tips for students is to write the draft first after you have compiled an outline. The key to writing the best easy for your college is to revise it again and again until you are fully satisfied with your work. Every writing work has the potential to be the best when the individual performs focused revision. After writing your first draft, take a break of a couple of days. Then check the essay with a fresh mindset so that you can develop a unique perspective of the topic. The topic will become more apparent to you as you read it aloud, and you will be able to explore the different dimensions attached to it. You will find that at your first attempt, you have only touched surface information. With multiple iterations, you will be able to explore the topic in-depth with all the minor details.

Ask For Help

Revising the topic can be difficult for you in the beginning. In this regard, you can take help from your teachers, friends and colleagues for identifying the minor errors that you might have ignored. A seasoned professional who has experience in writing and editing can help you in revising your article. You do not go through every writing process when you are revising your essay. Just minor fine-tuning and adjustments are required to make your essay perfect.

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Here you go these are the top 7 essay writing tips which will help you in crafting a perfect essay. These efficient but straightforward tips will improve your capabilities as a writer as you will be able to understand the whole essay writing process. Feel free to provide suggestions.