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Top Do’s and Don’ts of Floor Cleaning and Mopping

Top Do's and Don'ts of Floor Cleaning and Mopping

Mopping is an important part of home cleaningHowever, to keep your floors clean and safe from damage, you must make sure that you are doing it right. In this blog post, we are discussing the top do’s and don’ts of floor cleaning and mopping everyone should know.

Things That You Should Do

Starting with the do’s here are the good things that you must do:

1. Clearing The Clutter

Before you start mopping an area, it’d be best if you clear the clutter.

With all the stuff lying around, mopping can become unnecessarily challenging and you may not be able to clean the area completely.

For an easy cleaning session, pick up the cluttered objects and put them in their proper places.

2. Go Easy With the Water

While water plays an important role in cleaning floors, pouring a lot of water can add to your troubles.

Too much water can dilute the cleaning solution due to which it may not be as effective as it should be.

By being mindful about the amount of water that you use for cleaning purposes, you are also helping the environment.

3. Always Wash And Dry The Mopping Bucket

When you are about to pack the mop and the basket back until the next cleaning session, make sure you have washed the basket and dried it too.

If you leave the basket dirty and wet, it may develop germs and make the mop smelly.

4. Use a Good Mop

The quality of mop that you are using for cleaning your house largely determines the results of cleaning.

In order to make cleaning easier and more efficient, make sure that you are using a good mop. You can check out the online store of Vileda Mops and choose from a wide variety of microfiber mops based on your cleaning needs.

 Top Do's and Don'ts of Floor Cleaning and Mopping

Things That You Should Not Do

Moving further, here are a few things that you must not do while cleaning the floors:

1. Don’t Use Water On Wood

Water on wood is a perfect recipe for failure. It can warp the wooden flooring, and make it lose its appearance.

For cleaning hardwood floors, consider using a pH-neutral cleaning spray along with a microfiber mop.

2. Don’t Dump Mop Water Around Usage Areas

The water remaining in the mop bucket is filled with billions of germs, and disposing it around usage areas just spreads them around.

Make sure you are dumping it down the drain.

3. Don’t Be Careless About The Mop

Putting away your mop after a cleaning session without sanitizing it is a bad practice that can have ill-effects on your and your family’s health.

Just like the mop water, your mop also has harmful germs and bacteria. If you are careless about the mop’s cleanliness, it may also become hard to use after some time, as well as develop an unpleasant odour.

4. Don’t Keep The Fans and ACs Off

Switching off the fan or the AC while mopping your rooms might be fine for while you work, but be sure to switch them back on as soona s you’re done. The air that blows out of these devices helps the floor quickly dry out. This means that you won’t have to restrict yourself or your family members from walking around the house for too long.

You can also consider opening a window.

As you try to clean up your home’s floor, you must ensure that you are not damaging the floor or worsening the dirty situation. In this article, we shared a list of do’s and don’ts to follow while cleaning.

We hope you found this article helpful.