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Top Items To Clean In The House

Top Items To Clean In The House

Regardless of whether you prefer to clean the house by yourself or you would rather put this timely task in the hands of experts providing professional cleaning services, it’s important to be familiar with the places the dirt is stored. There are certain items and areas in the house that are exposed to more dirt than others. Neglecting them or forgetting to disinfect them and remove allergens and grime may negatively influence your health in the long term. 

Items you should never forget to clean in the house 

Vacuum cleaning the floor and disinfecting your kitchen surfaces is a great place to start on your cleaning days but is certainly not enough. Carpets, rugs, mattresses, and so many more additional belonging or furnishings should also receive your attention when it comes to cleaning. That’s why Dan Dan the Carpet Man only uses professional cleaning products and strong machines to effectively clean your tiles and grout.


Carpets are among the top items that are exposed to the most dirt in the house. If you have pets, the dirt accumulation is even higher. Your carpets or rugs can store filth and grime that you bring outside with your shoes, they can trap nasty odour smells from pet urine or food and beverage spills, they can even be the living and breeding place for fleas and other pests. The bad news is that a casual vacuum cleaning won’t be enough to get rid of the dirt. It’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaner to take care of your dirty carpets for you. 


There are different types of furniture and fabrics used but they share one thing in common – they tend to get very dirty as a result of the regular use. If you have leather couches or sofas, it’s necessary to do some extra research on the best cleaning methods as the material is extremely delicate and sensitive. Additionally, the different types of fabric used for furniture will require a unique cleaning method to ensure the material is protected and the stains removed. 

 Top Items To Clean In The House


Carpets and drapery are next up on the list of items to clean in the house. They trap a lot of dust and allergens on the surface and often carry poor odours that you certainly want to get rid of. A professional curtain and drapery service will freshen up the whole interior of your home, will improve the air quality, and will help you enjoy your living space more. 


Did you know that mattresses also need to be cleaned regularly? This is because they are great at capturing dust mites, allergens, and other dirt particles that can be harmful to your body. Furthermore, when sleeping, most people release body oils, which can sometimes penetrate the mattress and be another cause for concern. The best way to clean your mattress is via steam cleaning that will guarantee that the tiniest dirt particles are fully removed from your sleeping place. 

Bathroom tiles

Although most homeowners and tenants have the bathroom on their to-do list when it comes to cleaning, the bathroom tiles and grout are often forgotten. However, tile and grout cleaning can make your home look squeaky clean and can dramatically improve the overall hygiene and appearance of the property. The space between the tiles or the grout is exposed to mould growth, stains, and a lot of long-term damage when neglected and poorly maintained. You can take on some of the bathroom cleaning alone but for other parts, such as the tiles and grout, we recommend relying on an expert. 

Setting aside time for a thorough clean is a great way to stay healthy and maintain good hygiene at home. Remember that a clean home means a more comfortable and safer living environment for you and your loved ones.