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Trees, Lawn, And Yard Maintenance: When Is Cutting Or Removal Needed?

Trees, Lawn, And Yard Maintenance: When Is Cutting Or Removal Needed?

Ron Lach from Pexels

Having trees and lawn in your garden brings so much aesthetic value to your landscape. It creates a lively atmosphere, freshens the air quality, and offers you a good vibe. These are just some of their many benefits. However, like all good things, it also comes with precautions and risks. There’ll be instances when you’ll be left with no choice but to remove or cut the trees. The question now is, “When?”

Some trees look entirely healthy and sturdy from the outside, but you might eventually realize that they’re already endangering your home or, worse, your family members inside the house. Although tree removal is the last resort, it’s vital to know when to take action for it. In parallel, pruning and cutting plants, grass, and trees are all equally essential to maintain the upkeep of your yard. 

Here are some understandable situations wherein you’d need to hire a tree removal & care service contractor:

1. The Tree Has Decaying Or Dead Branches 

Hazardous branches on trees become more evident during the winter months. Heavy snowfall is usually one of the reasons why branches are weighed down and eventually break. Trees that have been weakened through decays and illnesses are more prone to breaking easily than healthy ones. However, there are still tendencies even for healthy trees to break branches when the winter is long, which entails a lot of snow. 

As for its placement and location, you need to check whether or not the tree isn’t posing as a threat to your properties, like vehicles, garages, gazebos, decks, or even the roof of your home. This is one crucial time to cut down a tree to redesign your garden completely.  

2. Trunks Are Already Compromised 

Trees get sick, too. You could tell when the tree beside your home is sick by checking it out thoroughly. If there are cracks, splits, large wounds, or dead trunks, it’s probably a decaying tree. 

It’s a commonplace for people not to evaluate the condition of their trees, expecting their longevity and sturdiness to withstand time and weather. One way to discover internal decay is to check out whether the trunks are already compromised. Due to the robustness of trees, they remain surviving and standing despite having decays and sick trunks.

However, the danger of having decaying trees is that they could easily fall anytime. And, what’s even more alarming are trees that come with multiple branches and trunks. They’ll not only endanger your home, but the road and other public areas, too, especially if they’re already big enough that they expand outside your premises. 

A stump or a tree that already died no longer grows. The nutrient distribution throughout warmer months can also be ineffective, causing problems for nearby plants. When dormant trees and stumps are removed during winter, not only are nearby plants provided with nutrient-rich soil, but they suffer minor damages as well. While the ground is frozen, tree removal is much more efficient. When you decide to remove a dying tree during winter, the plants, soil, and grass around trees can be protected. 

 Trees, Lawn, And Yard Maintenance: When Is Cutting Or Removal Needed?

3. The Tree Poses A Threat

To avoid damage to property and people, trees should be removed immediately. Cars and houses can be destroyed easily when trees fall on them. It would even be worse if a disaster or calamity will cause them to fall.

So, when you feel like the tree in your property won’t be able withstand intense weather conditions, it’s best to trim it or have it removed so you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your home and your household members are all safe and secure indoors. 

It’s necessary to remove a severely damaged tree that may topple. Branches falling from trees can pose a danger, too. Check out these symptoms of your trees and realize that they could potentially hurt someone or something:

  • The tree trunk is already 30% hollow
  • The tree becomes lopsided
  • The tree is already leaning to one side
  • The tree has already suffered many calamities and is already 50% damaged

4. Trees Block Necessary Views 

Trees can improve a property’s curb appeal, but they can also obstruct your view. During the summer, their shade could prevent the growth of your lawn and make your home dark. When such circumstances happen, it’s best to trim them down or entirely cut them if they’ve already become a significant obstruction. Having enough light in your home or garage is necessary to live more comfortably and healthily. Hence, taking down a tree that prevents view, light, and sunshine is understandable. 

5. It’s Off-Season 

Tree cutting service pricing is determined by supply and demand, just like everything else. As fewer people may be seeking tree services Sydney in the winter, professional tree services likely offer lower prices at these times. It may be cheaper to remove trees during dormant seasons, and tree care companies may cooperate in providing lower prices to stay in business.

Another thing is that it’s easier for them to cut the trees due to the fallen leaves. Only trunks and branches remain, making the tree removal process more efficient and convenient. If it’s summer or another seasonal period, the demand for their services may be more significant. Therefore, it’s a brilliant idea to trim or take them down and pay lower costs during the offseason. 


You’ve already been told about the instances when you need to hire tree removal services. Although planting trees offers unparalleled advantages as it makes your home more beautiful and improves air quality, you must also consider safety and convenience. When safety is compromised and the trees are almost falling, it’s better to have them removed as early as possible. It’s best to prevent accidental tree falls from happening by cutting or at least trimming your trees before it’s too late.