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Trending Technology Topics for Your Dissertation

Trending Technology Topics for Your Dissertation

The hardest part about writing a dissertation is finding a unique topic to write about. Whether you are writing it yourself, or if someone else is doing it for you, the question still stands. Finding a thesis to work with is especially complicated when it comes to technology. Luckily, you will find many great topics online to work with.

Hire Someone for Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation yourself is a challenging task. It may take you any amount of time to complete, depending on your level of study. Writing a bachelor’s degree dissertation will be faster than one for a master’s degree, whereas writing one for a Ph.D. will take longer than both.

Thanks to computers and the Internet, you can now hire someone for writing help. We all know how tough writing a dissertation can be, especially if it’s an information technology thesis. So, why not hire someone else to do it for you? We advise you to pay someone to write your dissertation for you. That way, you can save time and spend it doing more important things, like catching up with any other delayed assignments or spending time with loved ones.

Remember, there’s no harm in asking someone for help with dissertation writing! Not only do you save time, but you can hire someone with a Ph.D. to write a dissertation on a topic you are not familiar enough with. Naturally, because of their elevated degree status, they will do an excellent job.

Dissertation Topics Examples

The hotbed of technology is overflowing with exciting topics to discuss and debate on. Science is making significant advancements every day and releasing new information from all corners of the world.

With a massive tidal wave of themes and topics to talk about, it can be challenging to come up with one that is perfectly suited to your niche and interests. To help you overcome this challenge, here’s a list of some interesting technology topics to write your dissertation on:

  1. The Role of Technology in Medicinal Research
  2. Technology’s Impact on Cancer Research
  3. Cloning: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Ethics
  4. Social Media and its Effects on Society
  5. Government Regulations on Social Media and Internet
  6. Government and Large Firm Espionage on Social Media Profiles
  7. Technology’s Role in Providing Electricity in Low-Income Areas through Alternate Energy
  8. Solar Panels and their effect on Global Warming
  9. Technology and Climate Change
  10. Digital Education
  11. Technology in the Classroom
  12. GMO Crops
  13. Has Technology Solved Global Issues?
  14. The Relationship Between Children and Mobile Phones
  15. Mobile Phone Radiation Exposure
  16. The Role of Technology on Mental Health Diagnosis
  17. Social Media, Technology and Mental Health
  18. Technology and Access to Therapy
  19. Countries With Strict Internet Policies
  20. Wi-Fi and the advent of Li-Fi
  21. Wireless Electricity
  22. The History of Car Motor Engines
  23. Hybrid Cars and the Environment
  24. Electric Cars and Related Advancements in Automobile Technology
  25. The History of Trains – Mechanical Improvements
  26. Alternative Energy
  27. Best Coding Languages and Why
  28. Technology and Physical Wellbeing
  29. Do Digital Tools Increase or Decrease Productivity?
  30. Computers and the Human Brain – Do They Function the Same Way?
  31. Technology and Agriculture
  32. Can Modern Advancements in Technology Fix World Hunger?
  33. Advancements in Technology and the Malthusian Nightmare
  34. Medical Technology and Birth Rates
  35. The Role of Internet Censorship in Modern Societies
  36. Do Videogames Promote Violence?
  37. Internet Access in First, Second and Third World Countries
  38. Self-Driving Cars – Good, Bad, or Ugly?
  39. Technology, Brain Scans and the Ability to Accurately Diagnosis Mental Disorders
  40. The Use of Technology to Understand Psychopathic Minds
  41. The Effect of Technology on Children
  42. How Technology Impacts Baby Boomers, Gen. Y, Millennial and Gen. Z
  43. Technology and Millennial Finances
  44. Technology and Modern Banking
  45. A Thesis on Computers and Hacking Systems
  46. Spyware – How, What, Why, Where, and Who?
  47. Can Technology Reduce Infertility?
  48. The Change in “Modern” Computing
  49. Should Humans Move to Mars?
  50. Organ Donation – How Modern Technology Makes it Safer
  51. The Technology Behind Surrogate Pregnancies
  52. Animal Testing
  53. Social Media and Technological Courts of Law
  54. Can We Use Technology to Control Addiction, Or Will We Succumb to it?
  55. Online Marketing and Employment
  56. How the Internet Has Created Jobs and New Positions for Hire
  57. How Can Someone Earn Online, and is the Pay Enough?
  58. Do we Need Academic Writers in the Age of Technology
  59. Technology and how it has made Studying Easier
  60. How Might Travel Change in the Future?
  61. Genetic Mapping and Rights
  62. Online Data Collection – Right or Wrong?
  63. Using Genetic Mapping to Prevent Diseases – Ethical?
  64. How will Computers Change in 5 Years?
  65. Using AI to Council Victims of PTSD
  66. Will AI take over Human Beings?
  67. Mobile Government Applications and Their Benefits
  68. The Future of YouTube and AdSense
  69. E-Tourism and Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction
  70. Analysis of the Critical Flaws in iOS and/or Android
  71. Android’s Journey Through the Years and How it can Improve
  72. Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant – Does the Future Depend on Ai?
  73. Cloud Data Storage and Safety Concerns
  74. How Safe are Face Recognition Tools as Passwords?
  75. Analyzing Critical Security Concerns in Government IT Departments
  76. Piracy and The Progress of Modern Technological Softwares
  77. The Dark Web and its Threat to Society
  78. How Effective are Smartwatches in Monitoring Fitness
  79. How Safe are Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp?
  80. Personal Cross-Media Information Management
  81. Maintaining Confidentiality in Electronic Health Records
  82. Online Data Protection – How Much Do We Have and How Much Do We Need?
  83. Using Mobile Technologies to Monitor Personal Health and Fitness
  84. How Can Your Smartphone Help Save Lives by Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels and Heart Rate

Dissertation Writing Tips

Now that you have a fair idea of the currently trending topics, you can get started on writing your dissertation. Here are a few tips to help in writing the perfect thesis:

  1. Conduct thorough research on your topic to understand the core of the issue. You can only write a thorough thesis if you understand exactly what the topic demands. Use reliable references, like government and “.org” websites, while avoiding unreliable sources like Wikipedia due to lack of citations.
  2. Check all your work with an online grammar checker. Use a free tool like Hemingway App or Grammarly to eradicate any spelling or grammar errors in your text. Check out Grammarly Review for more information.
  3. Proofread all your work before submitting it. Edit your work as needed.


Writing a dissertation is a hectic task. So, why do it yourself when you can hire someone else to write it for you instead? Just choose an interesting topic and find an expert to pen down a brilliant dissertation for you!