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Trends in Product Design and Product Development

Trends in Product Design and Product Development

While most of product design and development has its origins in 2020, it will continue to delight us in 2021 as well. Let’s talk about them and new trends that will soon follow us everywhere.

First and foremost – Mobile First

Historically, the site should be convenient for the desktop, and for mobile devices, it has already been adapted according to the “and so it will do” method. With new trends, everything has changed, and sometimes the desktop version for the site is completely useless. According to research, 57% of traffic in search networks comes from mobile – this is a reason to think again. For more detailed predictions on this issue, go to https://fireart.studio/javascript-development-services/.

Dark theme

We began to see the dark theme literally everywhere: from the shell of the operating system to popular applications that we use on a daily basis. Many designers will follow this and use dark mode for their apps and websites, so expect to see more and more dark modes in the coming year. Be careful with this idea. Not all users like it. People were divided into two camps. Some think how they lived without it before. Others don’t understand how they like it. Leave your customers a choice.

Predictability and simplification

Designers will start looking for new forms of user interaction. For example, when approaching the “Next” button, immediately tell the user that he has not filled in something, thereby preventing him from unnecessary action.


Gamification is the process of adding game elements to non-game products or services. This is especially important in order to keep viewers’ attention when there is a large abundance of video content from outside.

Bright colors

Vivid colors have been an important trend in the past two years. 2021 will be no exception. Saturated, vibrant and even extremely vibrant colors will continue to exist everywhere.

 Trends in Product Design and Product Development

Illustrations in interfaces

For several years, illustrations have been one of the most popular design trends. Illustrations are a visual interpretation of a concept that allows the user to better understand the idea behind the product. In addition to lending originality to a concept, some good illustrations convey a message to the user more quickly.

Brands incorporate illustrations in many aspects of the product design. Illustrations are also used to design creative product packaging that attracts customers with its visual appeal. They are also prevalent in other forms of media, such as videos, infographics, and gifs.


Storytelling in design is all about helping the user on their journey on your platform to make their experience as easy as possible (in UX design).

A good story helps the user understand the product more easily. To tell a story, we can use a character to whom we assign a personality, we create a story and a conflict that is ultimately resolved by our product (user interface design). This is the foundation of storytelling in product design.

Animated graphics and microinteractions

We believe that animation is the main trend of the current and coming year. In 2020, it will be especially strong in user interface design. It adds power to illustrations, makes it easier to assimilate ideas, and stays in the user’s mind.

Microinteractions also play an important role in getting the user to understand how the system works, guiding them towards solving their problems, and leaving a positive impression of the usability of the interface.

Video in UI

No, we’re not talking about background videos or the days of Flash. The information must reach the user very quickly, and this is best done through video content.

Video content is a must for any site or application. For example, a showreel for web studios gives a prospect a quick insight into who you work with, what you do, and what quality you have.


An important part in user interface design is functionality, that is, each element is selected depending on its purpose and function. Many people think they have to choose between design and functionality, but with new technologies, the two are very well combined and complementary.

Design is responsible for drawing attention to a site or application, while functionality makes it easier to understand. This makes the user find the information they need faster.