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Tried & Tested Instagram Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Tech Business

Tried & Tested Instagram Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Tech Business

Social media has become the rage of late. It includes several virtual platforms that are ideal for showcasing user-profiles and conveying their messages to the world. Right, it’s Facebook that happens to be at the forefront usually, but Instagram does not lag too far behind either. It is not merely a place to post attractive images anymore. On the contrary, you can utilize it to enhance your business interests effectively. The trick is to make use of specific strategies that work. Go ahead and join this platform and turn it into a marketing avenue that will help you to grab attention and establish your brand. 

Make sure to follow a similar Instagram marketing strategy as depicted below to remain a step ahead of your competitors.

Instagram Strategies to grow your Tech Business

  • Get an Instagram Business profile

Having a business account on Instagram gives you a lot of features that otherwise don’t come with personal accounts. For example, you can have your customers get in touch with you easily by making your contact information public. You can also analyse a post-activity to see how your posts and stories are doing. Your business could even look to websites such as https://nitreo.com/instagram-manager or others similar to utilize the use of an Instagram account manager. Having professional account management services can increase the awareness and reach of your Instagram business page, as well as have scheduled posts that can entice new and existing customers.

  • Use Product Teasers

Well, this works much in the same way as posting a teaser on print or digital media. You save yourself being ignored on account of being too pushy. Instead, kindle the viewers’ imagination enticingly and compel them to think about your product without risking burnout. 

  • Tell Exciting Stories

Tell a story albeit with a difference. This can help you to generate valuable leads. It is particularly interesting as you get to tell your story in the form of a slideshow. You can save the stories as a highlight, you do not have to risk the viewers missing them as the stories go away after 24 hours. 

 Tried & Tested Instagram Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Tech Business

  • Collate user images

Remember that Instagram accounts contain amazing images that have the power to sway the world. You do not have to be hard at work trying to click the perfect photo each day, though. Rope in the followers and reuse their images to sell your products on this unique platform. Your audience will also be pleased to find their images being promoted by you. Make sure to tag them. This will give you an additional way to grow your Instagram follower base as your posts begin to enjoy unprecedented popularity egged on by word of mouth campaigns. However, do remember only to pick only the best images that relate to your brand. 

  • Get interactive with hashtags

Unleash your creativity with the aid of hashtags. Your followers will be able to reuse your images replete with the hashtag thereby extending your reach even more. You also get a chance to showcase your brand every single time a particular content is posted with the said hashtag. You may also create a one-liner or catchy slogan and convert it into a hashtag. This is sure to grab eyeballs and popularise your brand in the process. 

  • Right timing

You need to post consistently and relentlessly to create brand awareness. Do not go in for overkill either. Instead, choose an appropriate time and opportune moment. Choose an effective time or day of the week to increase your follower base. Recent statistics revealed by well known digital marketing experts indicate Mondays & Thursdays to be the best days of the week for Instagram posts. Posting on Sundays will not endear you to the followers, however. 

  • Check your performance

You need to check your performance on Instagram periodically by making use of analytical tools. You might begin by tracking the metrics by checking out the follower base. However, mere numbers are no indication of success. You have to focus on the rate of growth too. Check out the older posts to track the influence it had on your existing followers. Use an influencer dashboard to track it and link your website to your Instagram bio at the earliest to assess your performance. 

Instagram can become a great marketing tool. Leverage its popularity to reach out to your target audience and script your success story on social media.